“A white woman, in her seventies or older, wearing a black dress. Here's what I saw last night. She had livid fingers, hands on her lap. She was dead, no doubt ”. A frightening apparition begins to haunt Cris, a young Florentine journalist who, in terror, feels dragged into madness. But an unexpected revelation will question many of his certainties and will force him, once and for all, to come to terms with himself. "

"I'll teach you at night“, The new novel by Caterina Ceccuti, Florentine journalist and writer, already winner of the Gold Florin for fiction in the XXXIII edition of the Florence Prize, it takes you by the hand and leaves you no escape. Exciting, passionate and also courageous, this book, which in a certain sense can be called a psychological thriller, manages to deal with important topics such as the fear  e acceptance of the self, the affirmation of one's person in the passage from childhood to adulthood and also thelove above any stereotype.

"This novel is my attempt to communicate to the world the need we all have to get rid of the" dress of flesh ", - explains Caterina - as one of the protagonists calls it, and have the courage to get naked, learning to recognize us themselves for what we really are ».


The author tackles a delicate theme, that of homosexuality, with gentleness but also "with a ruthless capacity for representation difficult to find in the new Italian narrators", as the well-known writer pointed out. Pietro Spirito.

“In times when fiction is a very difficult bet for us editors - explains the publisher Antonio Pagliai - having bet on Caterina Ceccuti proved to be a winning move. With the first novel “The generator of miracles”, In 2015 we obtained the golden florin for fiction at the Florence Prize; with the second, "The geometries of love", Excellent reviews on the main national newspapers and with this latest work,"I'll teach you at night”, Very different from the previous ones, the praise of a great author like Pietro Spirito even before the publication. A book from deep issues, intriguing and particular in writing and narration, it is for me the most beautiful signed by the author ».

Caterina Ceccuti was born in Florence in April 1980. Graduated in Political Sciences, since 2006 she is a freelance journalist and collaborates with La Nazione di Firenze. She is editor of the magazine Nuova Antologia, for which she created the “Spazio Giovani” column. For the Spadolini Nuova Antologia Foundation he takes care of the promotion of events dedicated to young people and has conceived and promoted the Young Narrative Award (VII edition in the year 2018-201), in which students of numerous Tuscan high schools participate. In 2013 he published his first book, "Voa Voa!”(Le Lettere Editore), dedicated to her daughter Sofia suffering from Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. Also in the same year, together with her husband Guido De Barros, she started the association Voa Voa Onlus Friends of Sofia, for the assistance to families with children suffering from rare and neuro degenerative diseases, similar to that of their child. In 2014 the novel "The generator of miracles " (Pagliai Editore), which receives the Fiorino d'oro for the narrative section published at the XXXIII edition of the 2015 Florence Prize. In 2017 "The geometries of love”(Pagliai Editore), the second novel in the saga dedicated to the adventures of the journalist Riccardo Sirigatti.