Thursday, May 28, 2020

Teatro delle Arti, the season opens under the banner of the Chianti Classico

Before each show at the Lastra a Signa theater, Villa Montepaldi's Chianti Classico Tagliafune-based aperitif will be offered. The program.

in evidence

"A Home Doctor", continues the fundraising

The fundraising campaign "UN MEDICO A DOMICILIO", organized by the Florentine Pallium Onlus association, based in Montedomini, which has been operating for almost 20 ...
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"The Cleaner", the life of Marina Abramovic at Palazzo Strozzi [VIDEO]

With his works he revolutionized the idea of ​​performance. He tested his body, its limits and its expressive potential ....

on May 26 the tricolor arrows in Florence

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 74th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, the National Acrobatic Patrol (PAN) will carry out a series of flyovers, touching all the Italian regions and symbolically embracing the whole nation with tricolor fumes, as a sign of unity, solidarity and shooting.

Sheep meat, quality at the table according to tradition

Friday 29 May at 16.00 on the rossorubino facebook page there will be a web talk on the theme of sheep meat. Among the participants also Virgilio Manini president of the Lamb Protection Consortium of Central Italy PGI

It will be the Chianti Classico Tagliafune 2015 of Villa Montepaldi, farm on the outskirts of Florence, a San Casciano Val di Pesa, to accompany the long-awaited season of Arts Theater in Lastra a Signa (Fi), who will present a calendar to its viewers "All of the Feminine".

Tagliafune of Villa Montepaldi, which produces in addition to Chianti Classico also Igt Toscana, will thus be the protagonist of the aperitif organized by the Theater, which will be held before each show. The company, owned by the University of Florence by the 1989, will be pleased to pay homage with a glass of wine to all those who present themselves with the Unifi university card and with the entrance ticket to the theater.

Villa Montepaldi covers an area of ​​approximately 300 hectares and contains a wonderful Medici villa, a corporate body in which the cellar, the farm, the oil mill, a small village and some outbuildings are located. His is a very ancient story that tells of 9 centuries of life: ceded to the monastery of Passignano in the 1101, as attested by an act of 20 in May, it became the property of noble Tuscan families, to then be sold, in 1497, to Lorenzo de 'Medici, who transformed it into a model farm, made up of 54 farms where wine, wheat and oil were produced. With the Corsesi marquises, who bought it in the 1627, and who were the most long-lived owners, it became one of the most productive estates in Tuscany.

From the 1989 it is owned by the University of Florence, which uses it both to support the teaching and research activities of its own Agricultural School - through practical and applicative activities for students and research and experimentation activities by part of university professors and researchers - and for the production of high quality agricultural products including wines, oil and grains.

What distinguishes Villa Montepaldi is its dual soul: on the one hand the company, a strong productive identity that is constantly listening to the market; on the other hand, the University, a true experimental laboratory, which guarantees the scientific and innovative approach to production processes.

From the November 8, the beginning of the theater season of the Teatro delle Arti, it will be possible to savor Chianti Classico Tagliafune Villa Montepaldi before each performance, for an aperitif paying tribute to the rich Tuscan food.

Theater season 2019 / 2020 Theater of Arts

Theater of Residence of the Tuscany Region
Three-year project Memory, generations, the future

This season was conceived within the project MEMORY, GENERATIONS, THE FUTURE, awarded and supported by the Tuscany Region and the Municipality of Lastra a Signa for the three-year period 2019-21. These general themes guided our invitation to important artists such as Umberto Orsini (to whom we dedicate an evening of honor), Maria Cassi, Oscar de Summa, Mario Perrotta, Kassim Bayatly, the Sisters Marinetti and the many emerging artists that we host in this season full of classical authors (Aristophanes, Dostoyevsky, Verdi, Brecht) and contemporaries (Annibale Ruccello, Edoardo Erba, Clara Sancricca and the Controcanto collective, Saverio Tavano, Alberto Severi, Anton Giulio Calenda). Also the continuous confluence of languages ​​between theater, music and the beautiful proposals of contemporary dance together with the important national premieres of the popular Theater of art and of the Theater of the Instants / Compagnia Simona Bucci make this billboard particularly valuable.

In general this season of THEATER OF ARTS is dedicated to AL FEMALE; indeed to ALL that FEMININE that does not only concern women, but also and above all concerns men; and regards, basically, every creative gesture. In our time there is too much violence against women, against children, among confused and depressed young people from the frustrating and unattainable patterns of consumerism; there is too much violence against immigrants, against those who have made mistakes and seek redemption from their previous life, against weak and disadvantaged people. It seems that there is only the supremacy of money, of oppression, of war, of arrogant words. We must say no! The theater and the people that the theater creates or attends as spectators cannot passively accept the supremacy of violence. It is also necessary, with the means of the scene and culture, to reaffirm the reasons for dialogue, listening and the various forms of diversity: against the risk of new barbarism. A dear friend, the Japanese director Yosuke Taki - citing a reflection by the philosopher Félix Guattari - recently recalled that ecology, democracy and poetry are nothing but three different dimensions of ecology: ecology in the strict sense applied to the natural environment; democracy is instead ecology applied to the social environment, while poetry and art are forms of ecology attentive to the care of people, and therefore of life. Scenic art speaks of the past and the present to contribute to a better future. We must go back to cultivating life, striving for the construction and reconstruction of communities, breaking solitude and disinterest towards others. The theater (which today appears to us so archaic as it is necessary) has always taken care of the lives of others by creating stories, dramas, comedies. Today more than ever a feminine creativity is needed, <> (Y.Taki) Even the 2019-20 season of the Teatro delle Arti speaks of this.

Friday 15 NOVEMBER
Collective COUNTER

original drama Controcanto Collective
ideation and direction Clara Sancricca
with Federico Cianciaruso, Riccardo Finocchio, Martina Giovanetti, Andrea Mammarella, Emanuele Pilonero, Clara Sancricca
Collective Controcanto production
in co-production with Progetto Goldstein
with the support of Straligut Teatro, Murmuris, ACS - Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo, Verdecoprente Re.Te. 2017

With Seventy times seven, the collective faces the theme of forgiveness and its possibility in human relationships - after the great success of Semper domenica nostroactive two years ago. In its glorious history this concept seems to have reached an inglorious epilogue, which sees it succumb to the logic - currently successful - of revenge. Seventy times seven tells the life of two families whose destinies cross in one evening. It tells of the remorse that it consumes, of the anger that devours, of the pain that leaves still, of the time that seems to flow in vain. Yet it also tells the possibility that the pain inflicted and the pain immediately speak a common language, that the human being (who knows the contagion of laughter and crying), behind guilt can still recognize the man.

Friday 22 NOVEMBER

circus dance show for all generations / Resi_dance
from an original idea by Marta Finazzi and Nicolas Benincasa
interpret Marta Finazzi and Nicolas Benincasa
directed by El Niño del Retrete

A multidisciplinary work that combines shadow theater, mime, aerial acrobatics, dance, manipulation and clowns. A modern fable in which the strength of the circus, the poetry of the puppet theater and the improvisation of street theater are mixed, conveyed by the universal language of the body, the look and the shadows.
Has it ever happened to you to make a beautiful dream, clear, full of details? Then you wake up and ... poof disappeared, you don't remember it anymore. Where did it go? Where do the memories we forget end up going to? Is there a box where they are enclosed, waiting for the right moment to come back to mind?

Friday 29 NOVEMBER
taken from Fedor Dostoevsky
adaptation Giulio Casale
with Giulio Casale and Giulia Briata
directed by Marta Dalla Via
original music by Giulio Casale and Alessandro Grazian

The white nights is a delicate story written by young Dostoevsky, a modern fable about the creative power of the dream and its risks, which has undoubtedly remained in the memory and in the heart of anyone who has read it and known it. We are witnessing a surprising adherence between the performer, the singer-songwriter Giulio Casale, and the classic text, always alive: why don't we all behave like brothers? Why is even the best man always hiding something from another person and keeping something from him? Why not immediately say directly what is in your heart? Four nights and a morning to tell the story of the Dreamer and his love, as profound as it was fleeting; a story of whispered confidences, of hopes and twists of the night, of bitter awakenings and unexpressed desires.

freely based on the homonymous text by Bertolt Brecht
with Matteo Pecorini, Rosario Terrone and with the participation of Claudio Ascoli in the role of Bertolt Brecht
scenic writing Claudio Ascoli and Sissi Abbondanza

Taken from Refugee Dialogues that Bertolt Brecht wrote in the 1940-1941 during his exile years in Finland, the show starts with the arrival of the drama writer in Helsinki. Brecht brings with him the voices and the presences of his extended family and his women: his wife and actress Helene Weigel, the sweet collaborator and lover Margarete Steffin, and also Ruth Berlau, Danish actress and director known in Copenhagen, soon her passionate lover. The Dialogues, today one of the least frequented Brechtian texts, are also a bitter reflection on power and populism: <>.

Friday 13 DECEMBER
musical comedy show for all generations
directed by Rita Pelusio
by and with Franca Pampaloni, Nicanor Cancellieri and Silvia Laniado
PEM Habitat Teatrali and Trio Trioche production
winner or surPrize 2015 - cabaret competition of the Piccolo Teatro Carambolage of Bolzano
An old aunt, with a glorious past in music, spins the stages of theaters around the world paired with her grandson, a talented young man. So is it a duo? No, because there is also Norma, the young caregiver of the old aunt, who overwhelms them with her passion for opera, forcing them to abandon the classical repertoire. The most famous opera arias are interpreted in a bizarre and amusing way, accompanied by the piano, the flute and the thousand objects that Norma will invent to play. Between classical music and virtuosity, game of rhythms and gags, Troppe Arie involves the public with all its clownish show power.

Friday 10 JANUARY
of Aristophanes
adaptation and direction Alessandro Calonaci
with Alessandro Calonaci, Sauro Artini, Mery Nacci, Dania Nassini, Matteo Cairoli, Cristina Poli, Sonia Fiaschi, Elena Palloni

An irreverent text in which already 2400 years ago they tried to put the accent on how the inequitable distribution of wealth among men was, exactly like today, the main motive of human actions. The text is strikingly topical: the irony with which Aristophanes paints a context in which more and more people who possess material goods in large quantities and not for their own merit, find themselves dictating the law on those who are instead forced to work hard to obtain what to live with. Alessandro Calonaci to give more meaning to the work, he readapted the text in a very comical and funny key anchoring it to the Etruscan civilization that has its roots also in our Tuscany.

Friday 17 JANUARY
diptych I MARZIANI
by Alberto Severi
with Marco Natalucci and Beatrice Visibelli
directed by Nicola Zavagli

The adventures of Mara and Alvaro, from the Florence of the '63 to the white beaches of Vada, ten years later, are back on stage in two episodes. With a dutiful "prologue" dated autumn '54, when in the skies of the city hundreds of Florentines, and Alvaro and Mara among them, they witnessed first the multiple sighting of flocks of flying saucers, then a mysterious snow "alien". Between laughter and tears, Beatrice Visibelli and Marco Natalucci, directed by Nicola Zavagli, masterfully draw the irreverent and irresistible portrait of a couple poised between comic mask and human truth.
21 hours
We are in the '63 in Florence in a suburban condominium where we still hear "singing cicadas". Alvaro and Mara, a middle-aged couple-he bus controller, she a huge housewife-he communist, she very devoted to the Church-unfold their tragicomic story against the background of the great events of the time, reasoning and unreasoning about Togliatti and the death of Pope John. The direction and the interpretation amplify the grotesque side of the characters by inserting them in a colorful scene designed with a comic style, mignon tables and chairs, and the time marked by the musical successes of the 60 years.

22 hours
The longing for the holidays of a long-time couple, always Alvaro and Mara, struggling with a dream vacation. We are ten years later, in the summer of 1973, and all the new comes from that London where the daughter lives. Pink Floyd and David Bowie burst in. There is a desire to live a last season of happiness, in the hyper-reality of a sandy landscape.

Friday 24 JANUARY
by Edoardo Erba
directed by Andrea Bruno Savelli
production by Teatrodante Carlo Monni
co-production Todi Festival 2018
New York Marathon by Edoardo Erba is one of the most represented contemporary theater plays in the world. A physical challenge (as well as verbal) for all the actors who brought her to the stage, committed to running for the entire duration of the play. An authentic endurance test. In this new arrangement the text is feminine. An absolute novelty that the director Andrea Bruno Savelli, has entrusted to a really exceptional couple: the former world champion of long jump, Fiona May at her theatrical debut, and the actress Luisa Cattaneo, already protagonist in many shows of Stefano Massini and several times alongside Ottavia Piccolo, Lucilla Morlacchi, Franca Valeri, Gigi Proietti. On the one hand there is the leader, in the race as well as in life, a determined, confident and invincible woman; on the other, her friend, more insecure, scared, strongly tied to a past from which she cannot separate.

Friday 31 JANUARY
consultancy for the Massimo Recalcati dramaturgy
with Mario Perrotta and Paola Roscioli
production of Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, La Piccionaia Theater Production Center

After In the name of the father - already a guest at the Teatro delle Arti after the debut at the Piccolo in Milan - the second chapter of the trilogy In the name of the father, the mother, the children move the magnifying glass on the untouchable figure of the Mother, at least for how the we live in our country. A figure that - despite recent developments - has maintained over time a sort of sacredness and omniscience that makes it unjustifiable, above good and evil. And it is so understood in its role that it risks becoming suffocating towards its children and excluding towards those few fathers who would like to play their full role. At the center of all this, once again, silent daughters and children, physically absent from the scene but absolute pivots of the narrated story.

dance show / Resi_dance
choreography, direction, scenes, lights and costumes Monica Casadei
music Giuseppe Verdi
co-production of the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara Foundation
with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Emilia Romagna Region - Department of Culture, Province and Municipality of Parma

Traviata is the first chapter of a courageous project by Monica Casadei (an eclectic Emilia-Romagna choreographer formed between Italy, England, France and various stays in the East) and dedicated to Maestro Giuseppe Verdi, who aims to translate the most famous melodramas into the language of dance of the most beloved Italian composer. A visceral scenic rendition, flaming with ardor and torment that until now had not had precedents in contemporary dance. An explosive dance of iridescent and multiform bodies, immersed in the colors of the whiteness of white, passionate red and sore and impure black.

Friday 14 FEBRUARY
Chronicles from the fantastic zoo of the Italian swing
with Marco Luglio, Nicola Ulivieri, Matteo Minerva
on the piano Christian Schmitz
The Singing Family production

The show focuses on the syncopated song of the late 1930s and early 1940s, on which the best authors and the uvoles of the most talented interpreters of the period had worked. Many of those cute little creatures had animals as protagonists. The penguin in love, the cat in the cellar, the song of the flies, Maramao because you died, The sardine in love ... songs that set up a fantastic zoo to serve the swing and - a fortiori - the necessary escape from the contingent (a regime in agony, economic hardship due to sanctions, liberticidal laws, the approach of a war ...)
The show is therefore a fun lesson in the history of costume told by the Marinetti Sisters (emule of the Trio Lescano) who made swing and syncopated song a life mission. The singing sisters boast prestigious collaborations, such as the one with Arisa at the Sanremo Festival, with Simone Cristicchi in a very successful summer tour and with Vinicio Capossela for the album "Marinai profeti e balene".

Friday 21 FEBRUARY
SOUTH: The new theater!
21 hours
with Anna Maria De Luca, Francesco Gallelli, Fabrizio Pugliese
direction and dramaturgy Saverio Tavano
artistic collaboration Ginio Gallo
show winner Theaters of the Sacred 2019
It is Easter day, it is evening, and all the people of the village are all poured into the square, muttering: "they stole the crown of thorns from the statue of the Passion of Christ!" Saro, Nino's and Concetta's son, stole it. Saro is a schizophrenic boy, he shut himself up at home leaving out his parents too, he appropriated the crown of thorns, convinced that he himself was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Nino and Concetta wait in front of the door, through their dialogue we enter their world, made of sacrifices, abnegations, tolerances, especially from the mother Concetta that despite the pain given by the hypocrisy and the judgment of the people of the country, supports with merciful love the purity, almost divine, that resides in the folly of the child, with an acceptance that only a mother can have.

22 hours
by Annibale Ruccello
directed by Roberto Bonaventura
with Gianluca Cesale
These are four short single acts, four different women, named Maria, and an actor, alone, to interpret them. The language spoken by the characters of Ruccello, often belonging to the classes that live on the social margins, has a special charm, animated by the frankness of the dialect and the parody of Italian television, and tells small tragedies of the everyday, squalid realities lived without the ability to choose, understand, change. At the center of everything is the feeling of a mother who, in a crescendo of madness, takes on disturbing and violent characters in a context of apparent comedy that slips into the grotesque.

Friday 28 FEBRUARY
Evening of honor with
Umberto Orsini
a show by Umberto Orsini and Paolo di Paolo

A beautiful cat: strong, sweet and charming
Stroll in my brain
Like at home.

Thus begins a famous poem by Charles Baudelaire dedicated to the most beloved feline in literature. From here the idea of ​​Umberto Orsini and the writer Paolo Di Paolo takes its cue from working on a theatrical show where one of the most familiar and mysterious animals is at the center. From the sonnet for my cats by Torquato Tasso to TS Eliot, the whole history of literature is marked by feline legs that cover every trail. That of yellow or "gothic", as in Edgar Allan Poe: black cats that run away leaving trails of mystery. That of friendship between human being and "very special cats", perhaps capable of inventing their own city, as happens in a visionary story by Murakami. From Maupassant to Kipling, from Keats to Christina Rossetti, to our Elsa Morante, an amazing journey through cats, kittens, cats and catfish accompanied by the soundtrack of the unforgettable musical work Cats.

Friday 6 MARCH
with Luisa Merloni and Marco Quaglia
text and direction Luisa Merloni
In-box award winner show 2019

Getting out comes from a simple question: are we the first generation that really chooses whether to be a mother or not? What would happen if a woman of today, modern and emancipated, found herself facing the archangel Gabriel who had come to give her the Annunciation? In a society that sees perhaps for the first time a generation of women delaying more and more the choice to become mothers, maternity, as a choice, as a duty, returns to be discussed and controversial as well as a neuralgic node where different visions often clash on life, religion, spirituality. The text starts from this humus and develops it into a comic key, where the comedy, which often feeds on contrasts, illuminates the conflict without wanting to resolve it.

Friday 13 MARCH
by Anton Giulio Calenda
with Stefano Bramini, Jacopo Cinque, Alessio Esposito, Giulia Fiume, Federico Galante, Laura Pannia, Lida Ricci and Bruna Sdao
directed by Alessandro Di Murro
Fattore K. production in collaboration with the Crete Group

Generation XX is the love story of Linda and Giacomo, "two young fiancés burdened with the burden of life". The cruelties that will be inflicted on these two characters and that they themselves will be forced to inflict on each other are nothing more than a magnifying glass of some aspects of the youth condition. "Generation XX represents for me an attempt to recount the peculiarities and at the same time the dramas of a generation - mine and of all those born and raised at the turn of this century - which, traumatically urged by an unpredictable wave of technological changes, economic and geopolitical, fails to look to the future with confidence, as still wounded, confused and weighed down by the dramatic and gloomy heritage handed down to it by the institutions of the '900. What emerged was a surreal phantasmagoria that does not want to be an invitation to resignation but a warning not to repeat the inhuman errors of the past "(Anton Giulio Calenda).

Friday 27 MARCH
Topographic identity of human beings
Dance show / Resi_dance
conception and choreography by Roberto Lori
music played live by the Vincanto group
with the support of MiBAC and the Tuscany Region

The choreographic work - freely inspired by the novel Carlone by Libero Bigiaretti - stems from the choreographer Roberto Lori's desire to rediscover the popular traditions that have always been a very important part of the cultural baggage of our land. Through a juxtaposition of paintings, the dancers bring to the stage the daily life of the young people of the village, the rites of the festival, the procession, the dynamics of the traditional family, the desire for freedom and the discovery of the world beyond the village. The popular dimension, the game, the differences between the countryside and the city are the backdrop to a dance full of gestures and involving rhythms, in which the scene comes to life and is colored, sometimes intertwining moments of refined theatricality.

Friday 3 APRIL
Third chapter of the "Trilogy of the province", after province diary and Tonight I am in the mood
by and with Oscar De Summa
production La Corte Ospitale, Attodue, Armunia - Castiglioncello Festival Inequilibrium
with the support of La Casa delle Storie and Corsia Of
A story as simple as it is terrible. A girl picks up a gun and crosses the whole town to shoot the boy who forced her to suffer violence the night before, on Good Friday of the Passion. The linear and flowing story (structured according to a classical form and rich in irony and lightness) narrates, almost in a cinematographic rhythm, the simple, determined, without appeals, public walk, which obliges all those who meet the girl to take a clear position in the at the same time it reveals the emotional and cultural backgrounds on which the position they exhibit is based. The girl by virtue of that sudden and unexpected act is forced to grow, to become a woman, to overcome the looks and prejudices that correspond to these looks, as if this too was an initiatory journey that from childhood brings rights to the world of adults . So this girl to take back her body, her private body, is forced to do it public, to feed it to the crowd and its ravings.

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 APRIL
project conceived and directed by Gianfranco Pedullà
in collaboration with Francesco Giorgi and Gabriele Bonafoni
with the actors of the popular art theater

At the end of the Twenties Brecht and the musician Kurt Weill created the Threepenny Opera, an explicit rewriting of the Beggar's Opera created by John Gay in England in the early seventeenth century. Both of these works launched a fierce critique of the society of their time. Our new project is part of this type of show (which alternates acting, singing, dancing) and in the same thematic environment: we will try, therefore, to represent, with irony, the current world on the side of the latest in society.

Entire 15 €; Reduced 13 € over 65, Coop members, BCC members, members of the Municipal Library and Friends of the Caruso Museum; Reduced 8 € under 26


€ 150 Subscription to all 19 shows of the season with numbered chair. As a tribute to the supporters all the special projects!
€ 140 whole; € 120 reduced (2018 / 2019 subscribers; over 65, Coop members, BCC members, members of the Municipal Library and Friends of the Caruso Museum). Subscription to 12 shows with numbered chairs (indicated in the program on color backgroundXXX)
FREE (UNDER 26) 8 SHOWS € 48
This subscription allows you to freely choose the shows in two ways:
1) at the time of purchase choosing all the shows
2) gradually during the season, showing up at the theater ticket office during opening hours.

In both cases the chair is assigned according to the availability of the moment, subject to availability

START SHOWS 21 hours
From 19.45 Buffet aperitif and 6 euro drinks (booking is recommended within the previous day)
Thanks to Villa Montepaldi for the kindly offered wines

For the first 40 subscribers who renew their season tickets and the first new 30 subscribers there will be a great opportunity to attend a rehearsal of the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino at the Teatro dell'Opera in Florence, a unique gift with a very high cultural profile.

Sunday December 1
Orchestra rehearsal and choir of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
directed by
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Great Mass in C minor for soloists, chorus and orchestra K. 427

Theater of the Arts
viale Matteotti 5 / 8, Lastra a Signa (FI) - tel. 055 8720058
Arts Theater Website Mail
facebook Theater Of Arts Lastra Instagram Teatrodellearti_lastra

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Long live Italy: the Gallo Nero is painted with the Italian flag

Phase 2 of the health emergency, restaurants reopen: the message of the Chianti Classico producers to the catering of the Bel Paese

Trattoria Antica Calcinaia, the return is full of news

From today 23 May the beautiful restaurant in San Casciano Val di Pesa will reopen. Waiting for customers, tables also in the garden and new gastronomic creations by chef Paino

Phase 2, the monuments of the Florence Cathedral reopen

With compulsory reservation, until the end of May the Cathedral, the Baptistery, Giotto's Bell Tower and the Museum of the Opera del Duomo will be free of charge.
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Their use on the users' terminals is forbidden if they have not been properly informed before and have not given a valid consent in this respect according to the opt-in technique. These types of cookies are, in turn, groupable according to the functions they perform in: Analitycs. they are cookies used to collect and analyze statistical information on accesses / visits to the website. In some cases, associated with other information such as credentials entered for access to restricted areas (your e-mail address and password), they can be used to profile the user (personal habits, sites visited, content downloaded, types of interactions carried out, etc.). Widgets, all the graphic components of a user interface of a program fall into this category, which aims to facilitate the user in the interaction with the program itself. By way of example, cookies are facebook, google +, twitter cookies. Advertsing, cookies used to advertise on a site fall into this category. Google, Tradedoubler fall into this category. Web beacons, this category includes code fragments that allow a website to transfer or collect information by requesting a graphic image. Websites can use them for different purposes, such as the analysis of the use of websites, control activities and reporting on advertising and the personalization of advertising and content. MANAGEMENT / DISABLING OF COOKIES. In some browsers it is possible to set the rules for managing cookies, an option that offers more precise control over your privacy. This means that you can disable the cookies used by this site or make a specific choice for each of them. Below we indicate the pages where the instructions for disabling Cookies for the most popular browsers are shown: Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Chrome Opera CHANGES TO PRIVACY AND COOKIE INFORMATION The possible entry into force of new sector regulations, as well as the constant examination and updating of the services provided to the user, could lead to the need to modify the methods and terms described in this Privacy and cookie policy. It will therefore be possible for this document to change over time. We therefore invite you to consult this page periodically. The Owner will publish any changes to this Privacy and Cookie Policy. The previous versions of this Notice will, in any case, be archived to allow consultation. Chianti Multi Service Srl