The historical ones buchette of the wine they are the subject of a new and suggestive photographic exhibition which will take place in the coming weeks on the premises of Caffè Guido Guidi at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence.

Located mostly next to the doors of noble palaces, the wine holes are those arched openings with small wooden doors through which, for about four centuries, wine was sold in flasks in the city of Florence and in several other places of the Tuscany. They are an absolute exclusive of this territory and have been documented to date more than 250 still existing.

Beginning with the 9st November at the 17.30, the exhibition, organized by'Buchette del Vino Association of Florence, proposes 30 suggestive author shots of two foreign photographers and artists in love with our city: English Andrew Barrow and the American Robbin Gheesling.

Utilizing what he developed in his recent master's degree in photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall, Andrew Barrow shows an artistic and conceptual approach to capturing images of these particular historical finds. The intent is to capture in some details the time elapsed and the different use that has been made of it.
“It fascinated me to discover how these ancient architectural finds have changed their function over the centuries, becoming in some cases, in more recent years, letter boxes, condominium button stations, housing for gas meters or frames for impromptu interventions by street artists. All these symbols make these photographic subjects interesting ".

Robbin looks at the small holes in the wine with the eye of those who want to document their characteristic of true elements of urban art, firmly placed in the present and in constant relationship with the inhabitants of the city and the contemporary environment that surrounds them. “At the beginning, when I started years ago with the first shots, I waited for people to come out of the buchetta frame. Then I realized how many people ignored them, parking their bikes right there. And this indifference has become the engine of my photographic research ".

The Cultural Association Buchette del Vino of Florence, organizer of the event, has been working for years on documentation, historical research and the safeguarding of this unique and precious heritage of cultural and social witness.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on November 9 2019 at 17.30 with refreshments. It will remain in place until Thursday 9 January 2020, with opening every day from 11 to 23.
Buchette Del Vino Association - 3351435326
Andrew Barrow -
Robbin Gheesling - sponsored by Taste Florence Food Tours
Caffè Guido Guidi-Teatro della Pergola, via della Pergola 18, Florence - 0552264336