Green is the color of Rigoletto in the "tricolor" direction of Francesco Micheli, which has signed a dramaturgy capable of uniting the three popular Verdi titles - Traviata, Troubadour e Rigoletto - assigning one of the colors of the Italian flag to each of the works. In the chromatic scale created by the director, green - the color of ambiguity, envy, anger - is the color that outlines this "vision" of Rigoletto (as red is the color of Trovatore and Bianco di Traviata) that with the resumption of the 2019 it becomes part of the repertoire of the Maggio.

A little over a year after the first staging of the triple set-up - it was September 2018 when The Maggio Fiorentino, the master Fabio Luisi and Francesco Micheli proposed to the public the three Verdi titles joined by a dramaturgy, the sets and the Vessillo - Rigoletto returns "alone" on the May stage for five performances (16, 19, 22, 26 November hours 20; 24 November hours 15: 30;) directed by the master Renato Palumbo, with Luca Michieletti in the role of Rigoletto, Ruth Iniesta to play Gilda both at their May debut e Giuseppe Gipali in the role of the Duke of Mantua.

To make a double file in Micheli's trilogy two elements, the first, a monumental tricolor that opens the first scene of each of the titles, a scenographic installation characterized by some repeating constructions (declined and characterized according to the context with lights and colors predominant) and the second, very important and significant, the Choir, that choir that according to Giuseppe Verdi is a unanimous character that binds, that passes, that transmigrates from the three works that do not have a unity in themselves but deeply touch the collective imagination , uniting it in the sometimes contrasting emotions of passions.


The 16 November 2019 play will be broadcast live by Rete Toscana Classica

Opera in three acts
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave based on the play Le Roi s'amuse by Victor Hugo
Music by Giuseppe Verdi
First performance: 11 March 1851 at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice

Concert master and director Renato Palumbo
Directed by Francesco Micheli
Shot by Benedetto Sicca
Orchestra and Chorus of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Director of the Choir Lorenzo Fratini

Duke of Mantua Giuseppe Gipali
Gilda Ruth Iniesta
Rigoletto Luca Micheletti
Sparafucile Abramo Rosalen
Maddalena Anna Malavasi
The Count of Monterone David Babayants
Giovanna Giada Frasconi
Marullo Min Kim
Matteo Borsa Antonio Garès
The Count of Ceprano Shuxin Li
The Countess of Ceprano Marta Pluda
An usher Vito Luciano Roberti
A page of the duchess Maria Rita Combattelli

Scene Federica Parolini
Costumes Alessio Rosati
Luci Daniele Naldi