It's Taste 2018 the best ofitalian food lifestyle, this year with a special focus on foraging.

"It's an element that has always existed but not as communicated as in this edition." - says Raffaello Napoleone, Pitti Immagine CEO - "We are in the thirteenth year, foraging is an interesting topic for us, and we would like to give it more information."

There are many news among the products Made in Tuscany among these a delicate and excellent provola born in the Mugello with aging in cave of 3 months.

Carlo Bolli, Historic Palagiaccio Farm

"Our provola comes from a spun dough" - says Carlo Stamps, Sorica Fattoria Il Palagiaccio - "which is then matured in Ubaldine Caves, where there is a unique temperature and humidity, which give it a unique character, Made in Mugello. "

And then a lot of pasta from all Italy, produced with 100% Italian grains, worked "as it once was" and drawn in bronze.

"Our pasta is dried for at least 24 hours at a low temperature" - he says Ludovico Portuguese, Portuguese Pastificio Calenzano - "no more than 40 °, this allows the pasta itself to maintain the properties of the grain itself. "

From Greve in Chianti, the artisanal salamis arrive, the finocchiona the wild boar salami, and all of them rigorously with super-artisan production.

"The bowel we use for our sausages is natural" - he says Stefano Falorni, Antica Macelleria Falorni - "then subsequently tied and labeled by hand. Our products require a lot of care and commitment, we believe in what we do and success rewards us. "

And then a wonderful combination, ice cream and truffle, the true and organic one collected by those who for generations cultivate one of the most appreciated Tuscan excellences.

Stefania Calusi and Tommaso Brilli

"Our ice cream comes from a base of almond but also playing with a salt component inside the ice cream itself" - he says Stefania Calugi, Calugi Agricultural Company - "then we insert a natural and biological armo and truffle."

Taste confirms appointments for gourmands and gourmets, a point of reference for Made in Italy food