Studies in architecture guide the decisive gestures of Calogero Paino, renowned chef of the Trattoria Antica Calcinaia of San Casciano Val di Pesa which, with almost surgical precision, prepares tasty and characteristic recipes but, at the same time, extremely innovative.

In addition to the Tuscan "classics", however much loved, the Sicilian chef offers his customers truly special culinary creations, with combinations of sometimes unusual but always very successful flavors, in the name of great respect for raw materials and with a final dish reminiscent of a small work of art.

Calogero's recipes remind us that cooking is on the move, because what you once considered absolute, in reality today you can really find it renewed and often enhanced in an original way, as in the case of beef tartar in ravioli: a very refined dish, based on first choice ingredients, which offers the palate a pleasant symphony of flavors. Here is the recipe.

Beef tartar in ravioli

For the ravioli: 200 g of Senatore Cappelli flour, 2 eggs, 500 g of beef fillet tartar, salt. For the sauce: 1 knob of butter, 1 teaspoon of mustard enriched with 1 teaspoon of honey. For the final dressing: capers, anchovies.

“The protagonist is the meat, which is placed inside the ravioli; it is blast chilled, then during cooking the difficulty consists in keeping it raw, cold but not frozen. The contrast is created between the cold inside and the warmth of the ravioli. Of course it is a summer dish, I dress it with anchovies, capers, egg and mustard enriched with honey ".

Text taken from "At the table from Florence to Chianti. A journey through food and wine. Raw materials, recipes and historical events"of Milko Chilleri, edited by Expos.