The ribbon cutting. Photo by Tina Pelaia Baroncini

Fabrica32 has just ended, and in the best way. The event dedicated to the ceramic held a Borgo San Lorenzo from the 5 to the 7 July it has been very successful. Serena Pinzani, the artistic director, is radiant. You can already understand this by hearing her on the phone. He tells me: "This second edition has allowed us to consolidate the basic concept of the initiative, which consists in celebrating the art of ceramics starting from the historical heritage of Borgo San Lorenzo - and just mentioning the name of the Chini - to achieve of the artisans who work there today. "

“We have focused this year” continues Serena “on the purely manual aspect of ceramic craftsmanship. People could see how clay is worked. In this the friends ofUnion Terracotta of Montelupo and Settimello, host country for this year, have been extraordinary. "

Six processing points have been installed in the Borgo center. And so many have discovered some secrets of this art. An art for which you always know what you put in the oven, but you never know what you will get out of it.


The other driving force behind this edition of Fabrica32 it was the combination of ceramics and food. The local associations were thus able to intervene as a protagonist by preparing a number of local specialties much appreciated by customers. Among them, my friend Maurizio Biagi, painter ofImpruneta. The inauguration of its installation in the Palazzo Comunale gave the official start to the event. On the one hand, Maurizio has thus acted as a connecting element between present and future - for the next edition Impruneta will be a guest country. On the other hand, he filled one of his few gaps by tasting the Mugello tortelli for the first time, which left him enthusiastic.

Maurizio Biagi, Paolo Masetti and Cristina Becchi

On the day of the inauguration, there was a palpable understanding between him, the Mayor of Montelupo Paolo Masetti and the Vice Mayor of Borgo Cristina Becchi. Wandering through the alleys of the center, they discussed the possibilities and opportunities of a continuous collaboration at various levels between the three localities that have so much in common. Masetti declared to his colleague Irene De Vito from 'Il filo': “I hope this is the beginning of a good contamination. After all, this is also the theme of this event, between municipalities, between ways of thinking and spreading ceramics ".

A terracotta of Montelupo with its Mayor

“A novelty for this year” continues Serena Pinzani “was the so called ceramic therapy. By manipulating clay you can improve your psycho-physical state and reduce stress. This has intrigued people of all ages ”.

Ma Fabrica32 it was also much more. In how many sectors, fields, worlds, can ceramics almost never have a secondary role? Thus, these three days were also an occasion for naturalistic excursions, concerts, dances, guided visits, popular meetings.

The Simply Choir conducted by Marilisa Cantini

"Let me thank all those who are committed and made available for this second edition - concludes Serena - first and foremost the volunteers of the Pro Loco, the operators, artists, theater companies and musical groups, the CCN and Via Mazzini traders for the availability and for the collaboration as well as the technical office and the staff of the Municipality construction site, the Municipal Police Corps and also all residents of the historic center who had the patience to endure some minor inconvenience. This second edition has left us the shaping power of matter. We'll treasure it thinking of the third one already. "

Meanwhile, Serena Pinzani and the Pro Loco are already at work for an event that will take place on 20 and 21 July: the historic center of Borgo San Lorenzo will be closed to traffic and open to books. There will be held theLiterary traffic jam, an Eldorado for those who love books.