A narrative walk in the Florence of the twentieth century, between anecdotes, streets and buildings but also small and large curiosities: "Stories of Florence"Is a pleasant story told through the eyes of its author, Serena Bedini, which I meet in one of the green places in Florence, the garden of Stibbert Museum.

“More or less all the Florentines passed through here as children and brought their children to play, - he says Serena - therefore it was inevitable to talk about it in this book which tells of Florence from a different point of view, it does not address the theme of the Renaissance but of the twentieth century, in the aftermath of that economic push that the Kingdom of Italy brought to Florence, with many people who converged there because it was the capital and therefore there was a lot of work; undoubtedly there was also an important cultural ferment not only for Italy at that time but also for all of Europe. Telling Florence not only for its beauty attributable to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, etc. but also for that which derives from the twentieth century ".

Pallazzeschi, Cignognani and Pratolini these are just some of the testimonies of the many great writers, intellectuals and authors of the twentieth century from which Serena draws to tell a true and genuine city.

"Among the various topics, I focused on Mario Luzi, who moved between the center of Florence, Piazza del Carmine and the Galileo high school, and then again the historic center, with San Lorenzo returning towards Via Cerretani where the famous meeting took place between the thief of the "Gioconda"And the then director of the Uffizi to recover this beautiful painting which, we all know by now, was incredibly stolen but also returned to Florence".

The book "Stories of Florence”By Serena Bedini is published by the publishing house Odoya is available in the best bookstores and online stores.