30 months of European project, 16 university students and three cities, Florence, Paris and Plovdiv, who hosted them. It has just ended with a week of masterclass the THEATER European project  Erasmus + and for the occasion the original was made exhibition path Sketches of instant art: live Masterclass and exhibition about arts and crafts, of the OMA Association, together with the Teatro della Toscana, the Spazio Reale Foundation, the ENSAAMA school (France) and EYNCRIN, thanks to the support of Giusto Manetti Battiloro SpA and visited at Space NOTE - Nuova Officina Toscana Artigianato (via dei Serragli 104, Florence - from 22 March to 22 April 2019 - Mon-Fri 9: 00/13: 00 - free admission).

There were some presenters this morning Benedetta Zini of the OMA Coordination for training, internships and job start-up, the Director General of the Teatro della Toscana Foundation Marco giorgetti, The General Director of the Royal Space Foundation Elisabetta Carullo, and the European Project Manager Euro Project Lab Alexandra Storari.

The exhibition stems from the desire to bring together the results of the activities carried out by 16 students during three international pilot laboratories focused on the theme of scenography and theatrical costume investigated with innovative techniques and unconventional materials. During the fourth and final masterclass of the project the traditional methods were used to create winged papier-mache structures that will be the common thread of all previous work.

The volume was also presented Traces of the European Theater of the Twentieth Century Scenic visions and costumes (Scenography and Stage Costumes in Twentieth-century European Theater A selective overview) by Adela Gjata. Not only mobility for students, but a great opportunity for international exchange on the professions of the theater in line with the innovation objectives of the education and training systems of the Europe 2020 Agenda, for the sharing of traditional artisan practices anchored to authentic memories and ancestral gestures, but to be preserved and enhanced in a modern key. This same perspective was also pushed for the historical research focused on the evolution of the figure of the costume designer and the set designer over the course of the last century.

The volume that constitutes the final action of the project, narrates the ferments of renewal that involve the twentieth century theater and that give new life to the scenography and customs, both on a theoretical level and in direct confrontation with the practice. Spaces and costumes become, over the course of the century, significant dramaturgical elements and instruments of new expressive and aesthetic experiences. The study traces through a rich iconographic apparatus some guidelines that have marked the contemporary European theater. The last part of the text focuses on the activities of some important Italian, French and Bulgarian set designers and costume designers, partner countries of the THEATER Erasmus + project.

"We are pleased to be able to conclude this project by showing the creativity, commitment and talent of these young people - he says Luciano Barsotti, president of the OMA Association - Observatory of Art Professions -. The international experience that these young people had the opportunity to have was unique and highly formative. With this volume we want to somehow leave a strong mark and transmit knowledge and memories over time that are part of the history of modern theater ".

 "This exhibition is the result of a fruitful journey within the theater professions - he adds Marco giorgetti, Director General of the Teatro della Toscana Foundation - the path that La Pergola has been traveling for a long time thanks to the collaboration with OMA, and fits perfectly into the vision of an authentic European theater that has characterized our international activities in the last period ".