Siena, the art of taste and the taste of art


The 2018 draws to a close and with it also the year dedicated to the "Italian food" which, connecting to landscape art and culture, becomes one of the most important levers for tourism promotion of the territory. There Tuscany dedicates to these themes the final event ofYear of Food: "Tuscany, the art of taste, the taste of art, tourism, culture, food and wine and territory" which will be held on Monday 3 December inside Santa Maria della Scala in Siena.

To organize it is Vetrina Toscana, the Region and Unioncamere Toscana program that promotes restaurants and shops that use typical local products and involves the involvement of both the Tourism and Trade Department and Agriculture. Since the 2012 Tuscan showcase has made the link between culture and food and wine one of its distinctive features by organizing dinners and tastings in museums, villas, parks and libraries, reflecting the fact that in Tuscany the culture of taste and the taste of culture are very linked.

The highlight of the year of food will be dedicated to the synergies between food, art, culture and tourism and will have as a central moment the Lectio Magistralis of the art historian Philippe Daverio entitled "The Art of taste and living in Tuscany", and will take place in an exceptional art venue: The Pilgrim which contains one of the most important cycles of frescoes of the fifteenth century, with scenes of daily life that represent extraordinary historical documents, as well as artistic. They will be presented by the chefs of Tuscan showcase some experiences that well represent the virtuous circle that can be established between art, culture, territory and food and wine.

To moderate the work will be Fiammetta Fadda, contributing editor de The Italian kitchen. We will talk about the territorial dimension of culture: "The Garden of Daniel Spoerri and the restaurant Not only Eat Art "with Roberto Rossi, owner of the "Silene" restaurant and service manager inside the park; of integration and mutual enhancement between museums and restaurants: "The Museum and the Garden of Villa Bardini and La Leggenda dei Frati" with Filippo Saporito. Infine, Christian Borchi, of the ancient Porta di Levante of Vicchio, will talk about the culture and typical products in the villages: "The influence of the territory on the kitchen in the land of the Medici".

In addition to the theme of art we will also talk about the data on food and wine tourism and the teacher Roberta Garibaldi, of the University of Bergamo will illustrate national and international trends. It will also be time to take stock of the Year of Italian Food in Tuscany and this will speak Mauro Rosati, Director General of the Qualivita Foundation, Stefano Ciuoffo Councilor for production, credit, tourism and trade in the Tuscany Region e Marco Remaschi Councilor for agriculture of the Tuscany Region.

The afternoon will be dedicated to food and wine communication: "From the story telling the menu: the art of knowing how to tell" and "Good practices of the beautiful country in comparison", where Sicily, Piedmont and Tuscany will talk about tourism and food and wine. The event is organized with the collaboration of the Municipality of Siena and Santa Maria della Scala.


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