Thus, the shareholding structure of the mixed catering company with a public majority, founded in 2002 by the will of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, of the then Local Healthcare Company 10 of Florence and of Gemeaz Cusin Spa (today Gemeaz Elior SpA) is expanded. The entry of the new shareholders takes place with the acquisition by each of shares equal to 0.1%, with the objective shared by all the Municipalities of growing in share capital and being an active part and protagonist of the company. The shares of SIAF, with the new members, will therefore be divided as follows: 52% public (divided between Ausl Toscana Centro, Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli and Municipalities of Mugello and Valdisieve); 48% private (held by Gemeaz Elior SpA). In addition to turnover, with the entry of new members, the supply of meals in the school canteen sector will increase, which from the current 245 per year will rise to over 1 million per year when, on the expiry of the previous contracts, the new ones will progressively member administrations will employ SIAF as a supplier for the daily canteen of their pupils. At the same time, the company will also be able to see its real estate assets increase, with the transfer and / or use of kitchens and equipment owned by the new participating Municipalities, as well as the expansion and renovation of the kitchen in Bagno a Ripoli.

The expansion of the number of members will allow for to replicate the experience and results obtained in almost twenty years of activity in the Mugello and Valdisieve territories in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli. Several times, over time, SIAF has been distinguished on the national scene and not only as a canteen of absolute quality, resulting among the best school lunches in Italy and Europe for Slow Food. Founding characteristics of SIAF, the preference for products from the short and zero-kilometer supply chain, through a rdirect contribution with the territory and local producers. Without limiting itself to just meal preparation, the company is known for creating food education courses, workshops in which children and families can participate, initiatives against food waste and towards the senvironmental sustainability: commitments that have always extended beyond the confines of the school world for lay the foundations of a real educating "food community". 

“SIAF is growing - explains the mayor of Bagno a Ripoli Francesco Casini - and this was the goal we set ourselves. Extending a winning model, appreciated by schools and families in Bagno a Ripoli, in municipalities with which we fully share the philosophy and the pursuit of quality, a priority even more so in a strategic sector such as the canteen dedicated to children. But also to lay the foundations to structure even more and give a future to the canteen company, one of the flagships of our territory ".

“Safety, quality, protection of service and the creation of a real food community. The entry of four municipalities of Mugello within SIAF - declared the Mugello mayors of Borgo San Lorenzo, Paolo Omoboni, of Dicomano, Stefano Passiatore, of Scarperia and San Piero, Federico Ignesti, and Vicchio, Filippo Carlà Campa - will make it possible to enhance the municipal canteen as a territory, maintaining the current cooking centers, focusing on local realities, strongly promoting that system of healthy eating that distinguishes us without losing the strategic vision of the service and strengthening the control of local authorities. A single vision that increasingly aims to educate our children to recognize quality food by limiting waste and encouraging attention to those activities that over time have helped to protect the environment around us. Not only a guarantee of safety and quality, but also and above all a future overview ".

"We joined SIAF - declared the mayor of Pelago, Nicola Povoleri, the mayor of Pontassieve, Monica Marini, and the mayor of Rufina, Vito Maida - because we believe in a collective catering model that focuses on the sustainability and quality of the food supply chain and on the link with the territory. This decision is an important step for our Municipalities which, thus, become part of a society in which the public and the private collaborate to offer a service of excellence, focused on local products and which knows how to create paths for a correct and aware food education. The fact that SIAF has made its expertise and experience of such great value available to a large territory, recognized both at national and European level, is the sign of a shared intent of our Administrations and of the ability to network for improve services and quality of life of our citizens ”.

"Very positive - declares the director of the staff of the general management of the Ausl Toscana Centro, Valerio Mari - when there is a convergence of intent on projects of this importance. That of SIAF is an experience on which the Company, then Asl 10 of Florence, had believed together with the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, and today this beautiful quality service is expanded and extends over the vast downtown area. The accession of new municipalities will enrich the production and the possibility of spreading the principles of zero kilometer, controlled food, dieticians who work on balanced meals, cardinal principles of SIAF and an added value for the communities ".

In addition to the school canteen service, SIAF also deals with the catering service of the hospitals of the Azienda Usl Toscana Centro at the Santa Maria Annunziata hospitals in Ponte a Niccheri, Torregalli, Santa Maria Nuova, Serristori and the Mugello Hospital, health hotels and some health residences in the Florentine area. The company also deals with private and public catering in the social, health and corporate sectors.

The presentation of the expansion project of the SIAF corporate structure took place this morning at the headquarters in via Don Perosi in Bagno a Ripoli in the presence of the new shareholder Municipalities and the president of SIAF Angel Di Bella.