Some are hired in art workshops, some in companies in the sector, others open their own business: this is a place where you learn a beautiful profession. In Florence, in the area of ​​the Cascine park, the School of Sacred Art.

"The School began to consolidate immediately, according to a combination of a practical, school-workshop dynamic, and a significant graft of a theological-liturgical cultural path, to develop what is our goal: to make, study and produce art and sacred craftsmanship, ”he explains Lucia Many, director of the School of Sacred Art.

“It is true that it is a school aimed at sacred art - he specifies Giancarlo Polenghi, deputy director of the School - but somehow in sacred art there is all the artistic, figurative and narrative element that is also found in non-sacred art, such as landscape or portrait ".


Here the more or less trained students come from all over the world, and have the possibility to choose between specialization courses rather than first level masters.

“I wanted to paint, I searched among the different Florentine schools but I fell in love with this one. I saw that a serious and complete work was taking place, you learn everything: from still life, to figurative art, to painting en plain air ”, says a student of the Institute.

In the School the sixteenth century artisan workshop is rebuilt, where the great artists we all know were born.

"The aim is to make contemporary a brilliant idea born a few centuries ago, which characterizes the cultural DNA of this city and also of this region, and which in the combination of doing and knowledge has given the world unrivaled masterpieces ", Specifies Dr. Many.

The school is also the first stage of the cultural itinerary "Unusual Florence”Which was born with the intention of stimulating new methods and new examples of sustainable tourism.

Paola Migliosi, President of the Federation of Italian Tourist Guides

“We start from this School and then there are various places where you can admire works of art seen through a slightly different perspective from the one we are used to; not only from a historical and artistic point of view but also from a spiritual point of view ”, he explains Paola Migliosi, president of the Federation of Italian Tourist Guides, on the proposed calendar of guided tours.

An initiative that goes towards a new model of restarting tourism, far from the “hit and run” that has characterized the tourist activities of recent years in our most beautiful cities of art.

“It will be slow, intelligent, attentive tourism for families. If we manage to become a place that produces greater awareness, I believe that we will have done good to ourselves and also to this city ", concludes Lucia Many.

Visits program:

Thu 18/02/2021 10.00 Walk to discover the Jewish Florence in the historic center

Fri 19/02/2021 14.30 pm From the Arno to the hill - urban trekking from Ponte Vecchio to San Miniato al Monte

Sat 20/02/2021 10.00 Sassetti Chapel: the hidden prophecy of the Medici

sat 20/02/2021 14.30 From Florence to San Domenico among enchanting villas and historical characters

Sun 21/02/2021 10.00 "The Man of the Year 2021: Durante Alighieri known as Dante", for the 700th anniversary of his death

Sun 21/02/2021 14.30 pm Roman Florence

Thu 25/02/2021 10.00 Florence… stories of travels and travelers!

Fri 26/02/2021 14.30 Diladdarno: from origins to the present

Sat 27/02/2021 10.00 Santa Croce: unusual visit to an important district

Sat 27/02/2021 14.30 Literary tour: guided tour of the places that welcomed famous artists to Florence

Sun 28/02/2021 10.00 Conjuries, crimes and punishments in Florence

Sun 28/02/2021 14.30 “Infatuated aliens”: foreigners in Bellosguardo between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries

Thu 04/03/2021 10.00 Mysteries and Curiosities of Florence

Fri 05/03/2021 14.30 From San Niccolò to the gate of heaven

Sat 06/03/2021 10.00 Signs and symbols of the Florentine dynasties

sat 06/03/2021 14.30 pm From Michelangelo to Michelangelo

Sun 07/03/2021 10.00 Women of stone, courage and passion

Sun 07/03/2021 14.30 pm Between modern and contemporary - Isolotto Cascine and Novoli

Thu 11/03/2021 10.00 The Jews and the Risorgimento: from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza D'Azeglio

Fri 12/03/2021 14.30 From Porta dei Leoni to Piazza dei Frati Piagnoni: from San Gallo to San Marco

Sat 13/03/2021 10.00 Urban trekking: the vault of the sky and the Medici “stars”

Sat 13/03/2021 14.30 The ancient prisons of Florence

Sun 14/03/2021 10.00 The Florence of Women

Sun 14/03/2021 14.30 pm Le ciane storico or "But imagine !?"

Thu 18/03/2021 10.00 Esoteric Florence: ancient solar cults and pagan initiatory paths in Christian places

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