It has happened to each of us to find cognitive, rather than emotional, or relationship obstacles in the course of our life that in some way contributed to increasing our personal crisis. Today in Florence a positive response to these conflicts comes through art and thanks to a path that leads to the discovery of one's hidden talent.

"Technique is not enough to cure a person, you also need imagination, work on the senses and on self-expression." - he says Giovanna Cardini, physiotherapist “Artists are obsessed with art: from painting, photography, architecture and through the care of themselves they can heal others because art truly cares”.

Interest in the body and movement has always been very much alive for Giovanna, in 2005 discovers the passion for art through writing. Subsequently he began to hold writing workshops until, in 2008, he opened his own contemporary art gallery in the heart of Florence: in that space, Giovanna Cardini he has been able to develop his own method of treating the other, which starts from taking into consideration listening to the body and the wordspoken or written, and arrives at the subjective creative act. 

Giovanna Cardini, physiotherapist

"The person encounters the work of art, or rather 'hits' it, or rather, gets 'bumped' by a work he likes and feels something, then, through the relationship with the counselor, he begins a journey in search of himself." - goes on Giovanna - "The aim is to get to express oneself freely and one hundred percent: this is how healing comes"

Through targeted exercises, it is possible to recognize and show one's talent, in every artistic field, including that of writing.

“It is a method that helps the potential writer to free himself from all the blocks that prevent him from expressing himself through writing. The artistic path ends with the self-exposure, because the important thing is, like all the arts, that writing represents the writer "- concludes Giovanna Cardini

The training course with Giovanna Cardini it can be done individually or in groups, on site or via an online platform.

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