Piazza Matteotti a Greve in Chianti it always has its charm, here it is diversus nice restaurant dell 'Hotel del Chianti active for two years now.

"We were dying, so we decided to give a renovated and increase the services including the kitchen" - tell the owners Francesco Bussotti and Bernard Buys - "we were tired of the usual" Tuscan "so we decided to dedicate our menu to fish, fresh and high quality products."

The evening is special, the invitation is to taste the wines of the Savignola Paolina Farm historic farm born in 1780, located at Greve in Chianti on the road that leads to Lamole.

"With my wife Manuela we are the owners of the company, but the authors of these wines are Alessandra and Eleonora" - Luzius Caviezel, Fattoria Savignola Paolina - "Paolina Fabbri Curcio she was the first woman to enter the Consortium of Classic Chinato Wine and as a company, second in the Chianti area to bottle, a true forerunner of the modern concept of wine. "

Manuela and Luzius Caviezel

With this choice, the company returns to its roots, three women at the top of the management and production of the farm, a real startup, a relaunch based on young people and new production ideas.

"We are owners of 4 years" - he says Manuela Caviezel Chassis, Svignola Paolina Farm - "our project is to make it return to shine as in antiquity, we are already working on the restyling of labels and new wines. We have realized our dream, that of producing wine, we love Tuscany and staying here is a great result for us. "

The clear choice: produce wines that bring back to tradition. The commitment in the vineyard has always been that of respecting nature and biodiversity, minimizing the use of auxiliary products, thanks also to the particular attention during the harvest.

Alessandra Pianti - Eleonora Maoddi

The tasting begins with the Classic Chianti 2015 in combination with one cream of Mantua pumpkin with crispy Parmesan and hooked truffle.

"85% Sangiovese and 15% Colorino, our Chianti refines for 14 months 2 / 3 in steel and 1 / 3 in barrique" - explains Alessandra Pianti, oenology of the farm - "this vintage has given us back a wine with great potential, the color is purple with ruby ​​reflections"

On the nose red berry fruit, cherry, in the mouth is dry and elegant, important but pleasant tannins, the aromas have all that the beautiful influence of the lands of Lamole, restoring freshness and a pleasant mineral trait.

"The 2014 reserve because of the not beautiful vintage has a low concentration "- he explains Eleonora Maoddi, farm enologist - "but this Chianti is still a great product thanks to the good work done in the cellar."

Spices, white pepper and tobacco are fine on the nose, fine in the mouth, but cleanliness and elegance emerge well, the combination is Classic Chianti Chianti risotto with late chicory, pecorino cheese fondue and rigatino crispy.

La 2013 reserve arrives accompanied to a jugged veal cheek with cardamom celeriac and soft polenta, the vintage is certainly good and the refinement has softened the tannins, the nose is black berry, blueberry but also plum, not very persistent in the mouth.

La 2011 reserve, which received 92 points from James Suckling, arrives accompanied by one selection of cow's cheeses and an excellent goat's gorgonzola. A wine with a nice structure, the spices are important on the nose, in the mouth it is soft and balanced. Despite its seven years this Chianti still has a beautiful fruity, the combination with cheese is definitely perfect. Definitely my favorite wine of the evening.

In closing, unexpected and preview arrives "My", the pure Sangiovese that will be part of the new line of farm wines.

"We are working on new wine lines" - he explains Luzius - "I believe very much in this Sangiovese in purity, it will be our top-of-the-range wine, a limited production of maximum 1000 bottles. The new farm labels will only have the name of Savignola, but Pauline will remain with us anyway, the reserve will bear his name. "

So good luck to this new startup, the potential to achieve great results is everything.