Valentine's Day, a party for the 50 years of love

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The 2016 Valentine was the occasion to celebrate the newlyweds of Bagno a Ripoli that in the 2016 they will celebrate their silver or gold wedding. The idea is of the Mayor Francesco Casini, who, on behalf of the Municipal Administration, has invited 173 couples, 104 of which they celebrate the 50 years of marriage, while they are in 69 to have reached the goal of 25.

The initiative was also attended by the Palio of Bagno a Ripoli and, with a brief musical performance, the Cherubini Philharmonic. The evening ended with a toast, for which we would like to thank the Bagno a Ripoli section of Unicoop Firenze and the Grassina Sogegross.

"It was an honor for us to share their beautiful personal and romantic goals with the couple," said the Mayor Francesco Casini -. When we celebrate the silver wedding and the golden wedding, we are bearers of an important testimony, of a great path of life, fruit of daily renewal and maturing of feelings, mutual esteem, lasting spontaneous desire to build a project and a journey together, which at the same time contains an important social significance for the whole Community: that of commitment, mutual dedication, patience and mediation, the ability to rejoice small as well as great things, to live a relationship throughout the its complex "


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