It is a completely new edition, with new management. The initiative enhances a lesser known part of San Miniato, untouched by tourist itineraries, but important because the Francigena passes through it and has always been home to jewels like the cloister of San Paolo, the Church of San Rocco and now also the home museum of Dilvo Lotti". The mayor is visibly satisfied Simone Giglioli in presenting this morning in Sala Barile in the Palazzo del Pegaso, in Florence, the Palio of San Rocco Pellegrino - Festival of Popular Thought, which will take place in the historic center of San Miniato (Pisa) from Saturday 10 to Friday 16 August. The initiative 'Tra i binari aps', which has particularly distinguished itself in recent years for theatrical and social work in the area, will organize the initiative, led until now by the historic director and man of letters Andrea Mancini.

"We have chosen 'The unknown island' as the title - said the artistic director Francesco Mugnari - How to succeed, that is. to rediscover the place where we live through elements of real and concrete social life, with a diffusion of performances, exhibitions, installations, cultural itineraries ".

For the first time the San Rocco Pellegrino 2019 award it doubles. "One will go to Annet Henneman, who with his twenty years of Theater Reportage spent his life crossing the world in conflict, to meet and give voice to those who were denied - specified Mugnari - The other will be assigned to Shoa and its inhabitants, who for decades have carried on the tradition of the Palio and have made it possible to realize these last eleven editions ".

"Seven days between history, culture, popular tradition that is renewed this year in one of the most lively towns in Tuscany since the times of Barbarossa - says the president of the Regional Council, Eugenio Giani, in his message of greeting to the event - In San Miniato there is a particular sensitivity, which led to rediscovering the figure of San Rocco, whose popular devotion was intense and unfortunately many parties were dedicated to him over time have disappeared ".

"The role of volunteers is fundamental, people who recognize the social value of an initiative and mobilize themselves," he said Maria Capezzone, which shares the responsibility of the art direction - In our festival they have already passed the tenth. They come from the reception centers of the territory and want to get even more into our social fabric ".

A very important initiative not only on a social and cultural level, but also to look at visitors with different eyes. "The Scioa district has always been a meeting place for pilgrims along the Via Francigena, of which San Rocco is the patron saint," the Tourism Councilor recalled. Elisa Montanelli - Today it is a meeting place for tourists and tourists from San Miniato. Many events aim to make the most hidden places of our territory known ”.

"For the first time, we will combine fundraising with the four cultural itineraries proposed," the organizational director explained Beatrice Nutini - The eight banners, placed not only in the Scioa district, will contain not only supporters' logos, but also a brief description of the specific cultural place ".

"We wanted to establish a stronger bond with the companies that wanted to invest in our festival," he added Stefano Cavallaro, head of fundraising - Communication, culture and art, together, change the vision of the place. We had a very positive response, which bodes well for the future ".