A truly special and precious gift but above all full of meaning. The Florentine pediatrician Sandro Sabia, partner of Rotary Club Florence Lorenzo the Magnificent, in fact, he wanted to giveFlorentine Abbey of San Miniato a Monte a painting that hides a rather singular story as it was stolen from him and then incredibly rediscovered twenty years later.

“This picture depicting San Domenico it has belonged to my family since 1920, when my grandmother got married; - says Sandro - it is a wedding gift from the scholar Giulio Bonamici. A well-made eighteenth-century work that seems to come even from the Vatican Museums. We children also put a little fear because before it was restored it was very dark ”.

The painting has always been kept in a room of the Sabia family's country house until, in 1994, it was stolen along with other valuables.


"In that year we suffered this serious theft but, the most surprising thing is that the painting was found after twenty years by the carabinieri in Ancona, it was in the house of a collector's fence".

Today Sandro Sabia felt the need to give this painting to the Florentine Abbey of San Miniato a Monte.

"For me it was a destiny that this work should come back to me so that I could place it in a suitable environment, - Sandro is keen to explain - in a sacred place like San Miniato a Monte which for me is absolutely the most suitable in the world , a place to which my family is very attached ".

Bernardo Maria Gianni, Benedictine abbot in San Miniato al Monte, thanked Sandro Sabia for the precious gift and, on the occasion, explained that the saint depicted in the painting has a very important meaning for the religious order to which the abbot belongs.

“This is a great gift, St. Dominic is an extraordinary saint. Among other things, we Olivetans were born in Siena and our founder grew up with the Dominicans of San Domenico; there are therefore various connections with the Dominicans. We will preserve this splendid work with the utmost care ”, he concludes Father Bernard.