A passion that has always accompanied him, which has belonged to him since childhood, an art that today has also become his work, his destiny. And so the singer-songwriter of Cremonese origin Ruggero, to the century Filippo Lazzari, he also dedicated a song to her, Benedetta Musica, the fourth single extracted from People Call Me Ruggero - the eight-track album released on 11 January - a real personal hymn to what the artist defines as: “A variegated, divine, salvific element but at the same time human, in short, 'blessed'. In three minutes and fifteen seconds I try to define what music is for me ”.

Benedetta Musica it is an extremely pleasant, catchy piece with a clear rhythm and a funny text, all based on the skilled puns. “It is a piece in full Ruggero style - Filippo specifies - very light, ironic, energetic; I had fun with the words, with the rhymes that punctuate the text, I think for example of when I sing: 'Liquid substance and steep mountain / of soft rock descends rapidly, / cloudy or clear', but which I hope can also convey subtle messages , to be grasped if you want to deepen, to go deeper ”.

The lyrics and the music of the album are all by Ruggero, this song was also produced and arranged by the brothers Giacomo and Tommaso Ruggeri. "I'm really satisfied with their work because I find the arrangement of the piece very interesting - explains the artist - funky but all played live, with real instruments, with really well-made winds, very interesting guitars and a bass that, I realized, at the beginning of the song it vaguely remembers "Another one bites the dust" by Queen, even if this quote was absolutely not wanted ".

Il video official is very cheerful and shot with a nice rhythm, the protagonist is always Ruggero who plays himself and other characters who represent three musical identities far from the spirit of the songwriter and therefore inevitably destined to 'die' to give way to the real "me artistic "by Filippo-Ruggero, a clear statement that can be summed up perfectly in the verse" I am what I sound ".

"Unlike those I have done so far, of which I have often and gladly edited the screenplay and direction, in this case I decided to delegate to the Cremonese videomaker Luca Catullo, aka Bazoo, who immediately understood the text and together we decided to create a sequel to the videoclip of I do Superman in which I played three characters. - says Filippo - In this video I wake up naked, without veils and then, through the ploy of always absurd deaths, I rise each time with a different musical mask (rock, reggae and hip hop / trap singer), until I reach the my personal which is that of Ruggero, dressed in my outfit. Making it was fun but also tiring because the acting involved me a lot ".

The video was shot in Cremona, at the home of Juri Lazzari, Ruggero's older brother, "I am pleased that in this video there is somehow the presence of my big brother, to whom I am very close, and also my city" , the singer-songwriter wants to clarify.

All of Ruggero's album is undoubtedly autobiographic even if, Filippo confesses, “Some pieces represent me more, besides Blessed music come to mind I do Superman, Long live us e Always on my side".

The CD People Call Me Ruggero it is available in physical version and can be downloaded on all the best online stores.

Filippo Lazzeri was born in Cremona on January 3, 1993. At the age of 19, after having graduated from high school he moved to Florence to attend university. At the same time he approaches the piano as a self-taught person and then takes lessons, a few years later, from maestro Walter Savelli. Parallel to his university studies he begins to get noticed by performing live in some private parties and at the historic 'Paszkowsky' in Florence. In 2015 he is the voice of the Tuscan stages of the tour of the international drummer Will Hunt, together with the band 'Ossigeno'. In 2016 he was the creator and promoter of the charity show 'L'isola che c'e', which was sold out. At the same time he writes and publishes 'Sassi Turchini', a song dealing with the theme of disability. For some years he has been animating the most exclusive clubs in Versilia and Florence with his One Man Show. On November 25, 2017 he released his first single entitled 'My fantastic day'. On February 17, 2018 her second single is released, entitled 'My little girl'. On 11 June 2018 "Canzone in la" is released, a catchphrase played by many radios during the summer of 2018.