Breast cancer is the most common neoplasm in the female population, in the 2018 in Italy it has hit over 50.000 women, a fact that focuses on the importance of prevention.

"This is the best way to control the occurrence of possible pathologies" - he declares Andrea Vannucci, Councilor for the Municipality of Florence - "that if dealt with in time, they can be curable."

In Florence thanks to the institute for the study and prevention and the oncological network (ISPRO) and to 6 rotary of the metropolitan area of ​​Florence: Rotary Club Fiesole, South Florence, North Florence, San Casciano Chianti, Bisenzio le Signe and Florence Grand Duchy, many citizens were given the opportunity to carry out a breast mammography.


"Mammography allows us to recognize breast cancer early on," he says Federica Carini, ISPRO radiology technician, Florence - "therefore of very small size, for a better diagnosis and better treatment, possible and subsequent."

Two days that saw the rotary clubs at the service of the community, keeping faith with the most authentic Rotarian spirit.

"With this service we wanted to be close to citizenship" - he says Leandro Galletti, president of RC San Casciano Chianti - “this is one of the many activities that our club also carries out in the field of health prevention. In these two days, thanks to ISPRO, we have done lots of mammograms, completely free of charge and for the citizen. "

"Doing breast cancer prevention on the territory, for us is a very important activity" - he declares Chiara Pagni, President of Bisenzio Le Signe - "today, in fact, this is not just a female problem, but as statistics tell us, there are also cases for men."

Although very rare, breast cancer also affects males.

"Thanks to my wife's sensitivity one evening at dinner, with a caress, she realizes that I had something strange on her left breastplate" - she tells Stefano Saldarelli, @CancroAlSenoMaschile - "in a very peremptory way he told me to go immediately to the hospital for an ultrasound scan, actually saving my life."

For the person who has undergone surgery it is always important to perform a correct rehabilitation, even with particular gestures that rebalance the mind and body.

"It's a kind of slow exercise, dances or movements that help you restore balance" - he declares Maria Claudia Bianculli, President of RC Fiesole - "a harmony of the physical body but also mental."

In the splendid Piazza Santa Croce, also a van equipped for a careful examination to the eye.

"Because the eye contains so many secrets of the human body" - he declares Piero Germani, President of RC Firenze Sud - "In fact, there are many diseases that appear and give problems at the retinal level, the most important are pressure and diabetes."

The event was sponsored by the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Florence and Lastra a Signa.