Three new monthly columns will enrich our newspaper starting from September. Three points of view on reality, on our history and on the territory that will offer the reader various insights, reflection and many curiosities.

Maria Concetta Salemi, well-known writer and expert in gastronomic culture, will offer her precious contribution in the section "The nit”, A space dedicated to the history of cooking rich in ancient traditions, anecdotes and also many myths to dispel.

Maria Concetta Salemi

“I have been thinking of writing a blog for a long time because I wanted to argue about all the nonsense that is said today about cooking, real legends or wrong historical reconstructions that unfortunately pass for true. - he says Maria Concetta - I have been involved in food culture for many years, I started in 1988 by writing an article on The Folkloric Culture. Social and cultural history of Italy (Bramante Editrice) and I never stopped; I studied medieval, Renaissance but also Liberty and Futurist cuisine and today, after many publications on the subject, I can say that for me this work is a great passion and a point of pride. And then I cook, I make the dishes I'm talking about. In this column I will have fun 'making peels', to reveal the innumerable mystifications on the subject by telling real gems about the history of cooking that will surely amuse the reader ".

Sensitivity and a certain elegance have always distinguished the photographic stories that Sandra Panerai gives to followers on his Instagram channel - on which he defines himself "Nature lover, coffee addict & serial dreamer" - and which today he decided to share with the readers of through the column "Digital emotions ".

Sandra Panerai

“My Instagram page was born in a difficult moment, I have always loved photography but the fact that it remained closed in a drawer, a still image and just did not satisfy me. With the web I discovered the pleasure of sharing with others what gives me good sensations. I like to focus attention on positive emotions, which can simply arise from a beautiful sky, a panorama or a corner of Florence, but also from a dinner and a museum: I don't have a single thread, the experiences that attract me every day there are many and I want to tell them to give the same energy to those who read me. Transmitting the same emotion to others without pretense, without filters is a great satisfaction ”, he explains sandra.

Gianni Spulcioni, manager specialized, among other things, in personnel management and, for some years, business consultant, passionate about economics but also about sociology and history, has chosen to offer "Handles”Of knowledge to the readers of our newspaper with the aim of making them more aware of the economic reality in which they live and which unfortunately they often suffer.

Gianni Spulcioni

“My aim is to try to explain some events to a wide audience, issues that mainly concern the economy, focusing attention on the Tuscan area. - precise Gianni - I would like to give some 'holds' in order to better understand the facts, the economic situation that ultimately affects the lives of all of us and our wallet, without simplifying. I will gradually take a cue from current events and deal with topics that, I hope, may deserve some interest. I would also like to be able to offer a look from above on the Italian economic evolution of recent years to give an idea of ​​where we are today and what our situation is ".

“RossoRubino continues its evolution, meeting the needs of our many readers who, from the statistics, confirm that we greatly appreciate the insights, opinions and comments. This is why we have decided to give space to new authors, certain of being able to enrich our newspaper with original and authoritative contents ", comments Milko Chilleri, director of