Leonardo Romanelli makes his debut in the world of conceptual art, without the presumption of creating an aesthetic success, but with the aim of communicating, intriguing, bringing those who approach the world of wine closer.

Leonardo Romanelli

“I think it is important, especially today, to think about using a material that people no longer use. Above all, it was fun to go in search of something that has been thrown away, that for people has reached the 'end of the race', but instead I restart it, give it a soul and somehow rediscover its potential. I think it has always been a bit of an element that characterizes my professional life which also consists in discovering new talents in the field of cooking, wine, in school when I teach, discovering new talents and therefore discovering the new potential of a thrown object. , and make it become the protagonist object ”- he says Leonardo.

On Saturday 18 September, with a vernissage at Villa di Poggio Reale alla Rufina, it was inaugurated Romanelli 2.0, the personal exhibition of the well-known food and wine critic, journalist and popularizer, where he presented his exhibition, the result of a metamorphosis that led him to experiment without ties, sometimes with irony, sometimes with emotion.

The period of restrictions and worries led him to an intimate and critical scrutiny. Giving vent to creativity, he ventured into a wine story far from customs and conventions. He thus recycled abandoned materials, transformed shutters and disused windows and other objects no longer used, catapulting them into a world of colors and liveliness, pervaded by a spirited alcoholic intoxication. Leonardo wants to show how wine can be the inspiration of reflections, colors, tactile sensations and stories. His enthusiasm emerges in telling the idea, which accompanies him in materializing concepts.