Each work by Roberto Innocenti is a creative novel that grows with the passion of the reader, plays with life in the intersection of archaic and contemporary, puts into motion ideas and graphic solutions, opens infinite spaces to the imagination. When you come across a book illustrated by the Tuscan master begins a journey, intense, deep, to touch with the mind and heart, small or large. From Saturday 26 January the Union of Florentine Chianti will have the privilege of accompanying one of the greatest illustrators of the world, heir to the Italian tradition of twentieth century figurines, in an anthological flight of forty years of graphic activity, from the years 80 to our days.

In the exhibition center of Palazzo Malaspina, a prestigious cultural space in the Florentine territory, the network of Florentine Chianti municipalities has promoted and organized the personal "Figures to tell" by Roberto Innocenti, curated by the Culture Office of the Florentine Chianti Municipal Union. An innovative event dedicated to the long career of the designer that winds through eighty works, including tempera and watercolors, many of which unpublished, flanked by posters and objects painted by the master, arranged in the halls of the building. The works, pages of a life invested in the art of the image, will put the visitor in the condition of entering a world without age and then make a choice. In a thin line here the junction could show up. Read or observe? You can decide to understand the plot in a rational way and identify the story and the characters that animate or surrender to the philological attention with which Innocenti illustrates the tables inviting the reader to look for new details, aspects of the story that come to life from their own stratification.

"Whatever the visitor's response, I am sure that he will perceive something universal and truthful - says the president of the Florentine Chianti Municipal Union Paolo Sottani, as well as the mayor of Greve in Chianti - the particular dream of a man who interprets reality and re-elaborates and innovates fairy tales, acquires the strength of a historical testimony, a human fresco, a collective novel, an ethno-anthropological documentation. This is the literary preciousness that we would like to rediscover through the extraordinary skills of an author who needs no introduction, perhaps more appreciated abroad than in Italy, author of dozens of publications for which he has received four Andersen awards ”. The initiative is enriched with an unprecedented aspect, the relationship between Roberto Innocenti's art and the rare Rett syndrome that almost exclusively affects girls, whose symptoms appear around 7-8 months of life. The girls have autistic traits, lose their speech and do not have the use of their hands. Roberto Innocenti has created illustrations for them also by virtue of a study and experimental activity carried out by a team of Italian doctors and researchers who are trying to identify tools and techniques with which to enter into communication with young patients.


The art of Roberto Innocenti and the voice of Matteo Setti, singer-songwriter, singer and actor, protagonist, in the role of Gringoire, of the musical Notre Dame de Paris, are two forms of artistic expression that have determined positive reactions in girls, in which already recognized a particular musical sensitivity. "Our research is aimed at demonstrating - underlines the doctor Claudio De Felice, neonatologist of the Sienese University Hospital - that art can speak to those who are imprisoned in the world of the disease: the oxygenation of the little patients increases at the sight of Innocenti's illustrations and listening to the voice of Matteo Setti ”.

The inaugural event

Roberto Innocenti is the protagonist of an event with a very high cultural profile, promoted by the Municipal Union of Chianti, in collaboration with the Pro Loco and the Giuseppe Verdi Philharmonic Society of San Donato, the Rotary Club Valdelsa, which qualifies and internationalizes the exhibition program of Malaspina Palace. The inauguration of the exhibition, scheduled for Saturday 26 January at 18 at Palazzo Malaspina in San Donato in Poggio (Tavarnelle), is preceded by a meeting at 17 hours at the Cinema Teatro Filarmonica Verdi during which they will perform, after the greetings of the president of the municipal union Paolo Sottani, the singer Matteo Setti and the actor, testimonial in the Leonardian year Andrea Giuntini. The exhibition will remain open until 31 March 2019. Free admission. Opening hours: 16-19 hours, Saturday 10-13 and 16-19, Wednesday closed. Infopoint: 055 8077832.

The value of reading that unites generations

From White Rose to Little Red Riding Hood, passing through Pinocchio, Nutcracker, Cinderella and The House of Time. The feeling is that of never feeling alone, never excluded, never out. Each subject, animated or not, is placed at the center of a local and international dimension at the same time, capable of guiding the narrative, so precise and refined, perhaps contaminated by Flemish cultures, beyond the boundaries and the space-time frontiers. That world so rich that it arouses curiosity, is full of people, environments, feelings that elegantly crowd the gaze of those who browse. And you never feel locked in a path, oriented to follow the guidelines of a known story, but you feel an extraordinary sense of freedom that leads straight 'home'. Where home means the search for what we are, where we are and what we want to be. In Roberto Innocenti's tables everyone finds the pleasure of being himself, faithful to his history, to his time, not forced to grow up or to become a child again. He is only called to take part, to sink into history, to look out over the illustration, to perceive its scents, smells, feelings and come out more aware of it. The greatness of Roberto Innocenti's art is that value that entrusts reading with the difficult task of uniting generations, adults, children, and giving answers even to those who want to elude them. "We are inaugurating this important event - concludes the president of the Union Paolo Sottani - in the days in which the victims of the Holocaust are commemorated on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance, one of the darkest pages in the history of humanity that we will also remember through art of the great illustrator and in particular with the plates taken from his masterpiece Rosa Bianca, the story of a German girl who, under Nazi-fascist oppression, is killed for the help she offered clandestinely to children and families imprisoned in concentration camps " . Truth finds meaning in everything and imagination is its best companion.