In the beautiful setting of Villa Tolomei in Florence the ceremony of the passage of the bell was held between Paola Del Mastio and Rita Pelagotti, new president of Rotary Club Florence Lorenzo the Magnificent.

"Doing Rotary, in particular the president is always very exciting" - says Rita - "I have a wonderful club, with very strong advice and very motivated people. We are interested in connecting with other clubs because this year's motto is 'the Rotary connects the World', therefore promoting activities for young people.

We will therefore try, whenever possible, to involve them in activities that they can share: then towards a leadership, towards an international openness to exchange with other foreign children. But above all the sharing of those that are also social objectives between two generations, those of the Rotarians who are older and those of the Rotaract where there are guys up to 31 years.


Among the guests of the evening, the mayor of Signa Giampiero Fossi and the president of the Florentine historical procession Filippo Giovannelli in addition to the many representatives of the metropolitan area of ​​Florence. During the evening also the new tapping of the very young Virginia Vannucci, a concrete symbol of the renewal that the club is going through.

"Paola Del Mastio was very good in her year to involve the whole club and open it to the arrival of new young members" - he continues Rita Pelagotti - “the club cannot be only of the president and his council, the commissions must work, the members must feel involved in the objectives. This means that people are more interested in participating, because they exchange ideas, they feel involved and therefore the atmosphere becomes even more positive. "

Many of the services already announced by the new president, among them the one towards the Italian Association of Organ Donors, of the project Villa Lorenzi, and of the association Fratres. The Florence Rotary Club Lorenzo il Magnifico thus confirms itself as a rapidly growing club and ready to connect with the world.