Il Risotto with Chianti Classico it is undoubtedly a very refined version of one of the most popular Italian gastronomic dishes in the whole boot, the risotto. A recipe suitable for special occasions but also perfect for family lunches, when you want to present something different on the table and pleasantly surprise our loved ones.

A risotto embellished with an excellent ingredient: wine Chianti Classico which lends itself very well to being combined with different dishes of Tuscan cuisine and beyond.

Calogero Paino, renowned chef at the  Antica Calcinaia Trattoria Pizzeria di San Casciano in Val di Pesa, gave us his precious advice and some tricks of the trade to make a Risotto with Chianti Classico as it should also be among the stoves of the kitchen of our house. Enjoy your meal.


Risotto with Chianti Classico

300 g of rice, ½ liter of Chianti Classico, 100 g of blue goat cheese, 1 white onion, butter, salt. To caramelize: 1 pear, 2 red onions, Chianti Classico, brown sugar.

«I use wine instead of broth, even when braising rice with butter and onion. When the rice is cooked, I enrich it with blue goat cheese. To soften the tone and flavor of wine and cheese, I caramelise the pear and red onions with cane sugar always in the Chianti Classico and add them to the risotto at the end of cooking ».

Text taken from "At the table from Florence to Chianti. A journey through food and wine. Raw materials, recipes and historical events"of Milko Chilleri, edited by Expos.