Wednesday 24 June, at 16.30 pm, Abbot Bernardo Francesco Gianni, together with the monks of the Olivetan monastery of San Miniato al Monte, creates a special reopening of the Basilica, on the occasion of the feast of San Giovanni, patron saint of the city of Florence , in the presence of La Voce by Marco Bagnoli and with the music of Eleonora Tassinari and Luca Di Volo.

Near the Holy Door, with all the necessary precautions in the difficult present time, it will be held SCALE COELI. Two books, one song, an event whose protagonist is the presence, art and voice of Marco Bagnoli, accompanied by the music of Luca Di Volo and Eleonora Tassinari, which also involves the Abbot Bernardo and the monks. A ritual ceremony that begins, on the day of St. John, right from Font, carved in alabaster, by Bagnoli. Presentation of two recent publications, Marco Bagnoli, Janua Coeli (Petra, Florence 2019) e Fulvio Salvadori, Suspended writings / Ecstatic visions (Lindau, Turin 2020) attended by Cristina Acidini, President of the Academy of the Arts of Design and the Casa Buonarroti Foundation, Florence and Pier Luigi Tazzi, curator of Atelier Marco Bagnoli, Montelupo Fiorentino.

The bond between Marco Bagnoli in San Miniato is a strong bond that has developed over time since the early nineties, so much so that the artist was called by the monks, in 2018, to create a work, Janua Coeli, for the celebrations of the Millennial of the foundation of the Basilica. San Miniato is a place of spirituality, as well as a center of research and thought and, in this context, the work of Bagnoli, thanks to its recognized ability to dialogue with distant cultures in times and spaces, is capable of relating dimensions both intellectual and spiritual and draw an artistic synthesis of particular charm.

"In addition to the presentation of very recent and important bibliographic contributions on the work of the great artist - underlines the abbot Bernardo - which has recently been entrusted with a visual and conceptual interpretation of the thousand years of the Basilica, we will contemplate the carrying out of some gestures, movements, songs, silences, readings and declamations aimed at summarizing the meaning of a memorial of the ten centuries recently completed and more yet to open our anxieties to the future, to freedom and to the verticality of the sky after months of forced confinement for quarantine. The event is therefore a moment suspended between mysticism and history, along a ridge already happily crossed by the great art of Marco Bagnoli, from his refined expression intertwined with the musical inspiration of Luca and Eleonora and qualified by the critical reflection of Cristina Acidini at whose word will be entrusted with a further reading of how Marco's contemporary creativity has happily merged with the artistic and architectural pre-existing structures of San Miniato al Monte. "