The charity project Author's Foulard, created by the international but Florentine designer by adoption, Regina Schrecker who created it by dedicating it to the commitment of "Covid-19 Heroes " it also arrives in Florence and Tuscany.

"I wanted to create a tribute dedicated to medical and paramedical staff who during the terrible phase of the pandemic throughout the national territory endangered their lives to save that of others - explained the stylist - This scarf aims to be a thank you but also a gesture of hope and rebirth for the future, hoping that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible ".


"This initiative comes one week after the city council established the" Florence 2020 "prize in memory of the victims of Covid-19 and in tribute to all operators and all the people who distinguished themselves in this ugly pandemic. Today - explained the vice president of the city council Maria Federica Giuliani - Fashion, Florentine and Tuscan excellence alongside another of our excellence, typical of us Florentines, solidarity ".

“In recent months, the emergency has put not only the entire health system under stress, but also our entire community and the business system. And it's from the world of fashion - said the councilor for tourism of the Tuscany Region Stefano Ciuoffo - which typically represents our most advanced production sector, this initiative arises. With this sort of Risorgimento, Tuscany offers, once again, the best of itself and we wait that the initiative meets everyone's sensitivity to make an effective and effective contribution to those who, in recent months, have fought for us ".

To do this, you need to make a donation on the site directed to a healthcare professional who carries out his profession in one of the hospitals in Tuscany, a symbol of professional excellence during the pandemic. In this way not only will a scarf be delivered to these Heroes but another one will be sent directly to the person who made the donation.

The postcard created by Regina Schrecker is also beautiful, representing her transfigured into a butterfly, a symbol of colorful grace, which comes from the cartoon reworking of one of the Polaroids taken by Andy Warhol in preparation for the two portraits of Regina exhibited in numerous international exhibitions.

The theme of the butterfly then inspired Regina in the realization of the Collage, where her "Author's Foulard" is knotted around the neck in the Polaroid portrait thus becoming a work in pop art style that perhaps her friend Andy would have liked too.