With the "Festival of Culture Summer Nights 2019"The entire territory of Reggello will be lit up with events and initiatives until the end of August. A traveling calendar to discover the territory with high-level events of integration and multiculturalism.

Among the protagonists Paolo Migone, The Masters of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Antica Barberia Carloni, The Occasional, Quartetto Euphoria, Tiziana Carraro.

The territory of the municipality of Valdarno Fiorentino in summer comes to life and is populated not only by residents but also by many vacationers and tourists who escape the summer heat of the cities. For all of them a program of summer events is ready, which does not leave out any locality and offers shows that allow you to immerse yourself in the knowledge of the beauty of the area. The central elements of this year's program will be: integration between local, regional and even national realities and multiculturalism. The initiative is organized by Reggello, with the artistic direction of Riccardo Massai. This year the days of the festival increase from 40 to 45, but more than the increase in the number of days to emphasize is the quality of the proposed events.


The first appointment is set for Thursday 18 July at 21 to the Fattoria di Mandri with "Belcanto under the stars”With the mezzo-soprano Tiziana Carraro accompanied by Pietro Mariani at the piano. The 19 July the documentary will be shown at the Excelsior theater “Flying Dreams": Video-testimony of the experience lived by the employees of the PQE Group Company of Reggello in a school on the outskirts of Kathmandu that offers education to 160 children.

Saturday evening is full of significant events 20 July. First of all it will be an evening dedicated to young people, in fact at the Reggello municipal stadium from 18 to 1 at night there will be theElectronic Music Park, an initiative that ranges from various musical genres all very much loved by boys. It should be noted that the initiative is entirely organized by the young people of Reggello. But the 20 July is also celebrated an important anniversary, the 50 years from the landing for this reason to the 16 to the multipurpose space of Saltino there will be the conference by professor Mario Calamia former Nasa collaborator entitled " Some 50 reflections years after the first moon landing (1969-2019)".

There will also be numerous book presentations among these we signal Sunday 21 July at the 16,30 at the Saltino-Vallombrosa Multipurpose Space "Tuscany day by day”By Eugenio Giani.

Still the 21 July at 19 the territory of Reggio Emilia will have an illustrious guest: the String quartet with the professors of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino that will accompany the Soprano Laura Andreini and the Mezzosoprano Tiziana Somigli in an evening dedicated to the Opera Arias in the courtyard of Villa Pitiana in the hamlet of Donnini, in collaboration with the Accademia del Buontalento.

Another illustrious guest will be Antonio Natali Friday 2th August at the 19,30 in Villa Rigacci not far from the capital, where he will hold the conference entitled "Leonardo: myth, fetishes and poetry”On the occasion of the 500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci.

In Reggello the students of the will also arrive Fiesole Music School who will be protagonists on Saturday 3th August at the 19 at the Delfino Residence in San Donato in Fronzano for the concert “Music with Love ... on the notes of the great classics”, Together with them the pianists Riccardo Cito and Beatrice De Maria. Always for the music we point out Sunday 4th August at the 20 in the Church of Sant'Agata in Arfoli "Crossing Europe to 4 hands”With the Duo Hermitage in collaboration with the Valdarno Piano Festival.

For those who were fascinated by the Castle of Sammezzano and the Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona family, do not miss Saturday 10th August at the 17 in Sociana, not far from Leccio (a few meters from the Castle of Sammezzano), a visit of the Church of Santa Maria a Sociana and the Panciatichi Sepulcher. Visitors will be guided by architect Marco Lugani. At the end of the visit, at around 18, the Compagnia dell'Orsa will present "Theatrical suggestions in search of Marianna Panciatichi Ximenes of Aragon Paulucci".

Grand finale of the event 23, 24 and 25 August in the capital. By Friday 23th August we report to the 18,30 at the Caffè di Foffa the presentation of the book "The Michelangelo brothers"By the reggellese author Vanni Santoni, at the 20 in piazza Potente not to be missed, after the success in France and in Israel, the Necessary Theater Company that will present the show"The new Barberia Carloni"In piazza Potente and, in the same location, the concert of"The Occasionals"Group that offers folk rock music with a hint of ska in word music salsa. On Saturday 24 two other events not to be missed in Piazza Potente at 19,30 the show of the Teatrodanza Indian company "Natanavedica East / West Performing arts"With Maresa Moglia and soon after at the 21 one of the most popular and famous Tuscan comedians will be protagonist Paolo Migone with his show "Completely Spooky".

Finally Sunday 25th August the program includes a real unitary journey that will start from the Ponte a Enna Visitor Center to the 16 with the children's show "Laricciunferallillera: stories of crickets, ants and other insects”By the Gruppo della Pieve, immediately after the Ciacciabanda StreetBand will accompany everyone from Ponte a Enna to Le Lastre in the park where there will be "Mamaki”Show of magic and illusionism with Francesco Micheloni. At 19 we will move to piazza Potente with the brass concert "Pop Brass Tour”Starring the Florence Brass Quintet. Among the members of the latter, Edoardo Baldini, a trumpet player who also performed in Thegiornalisti and Ultimo. At the 20 the show will start buskers traveling throughout the country. The festival will end at 21,30 in piazza Potente with the Euphoria quartet with “Euphoria show".

Entrance to the events is free.