For a Christmas dedicated to useful gifts, good for the palate but also for the territory and for the wallet, this year you can choose among the short chain products of the Florence Beehives.

Christmas has also arrived in the Beehive network that says Yes !, the “farmer's market” 2.0 that uses the ease of the network to bring local producers closer to consumers by shortening the production chain. For a few days now it has been possible to buy on the website of the Active Beehives in Florence (Murate, Rifredi and Ponte a Ema) some ideal products as Christmas gifts, which can be modulated according to the different spending capacities and above all according to one's tastes.
It starts from the very practical prepaid card to give a shopping voucher to be used in any Italian beehive: in a few clicks you buy a denomination (from € 10 up to € 100), confirm the payment by credit card and immediately receive mail with a pre-printed card, containing a discount code. Just print the email to pack the gift, or go to a Beehive during one of the deliveries to pick it up ready in its gift bag.

For those who prefer a gift "in the flesh", the best choice is definitely the Christmas shopper in natural jute: you buy at the cost of 5 € and is filled with what you want, choosing any product in the catalog. Jams, cured meats, legumes, truffles, biscuits and artisan panettone, up to special products, such as Parmigiano Reggiano di Montagna and lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia. Even in this case, there are no spending limits, from a small thought to a nice family-sized shopping, each can choose based on its real needs and possibilities.

Finally, for those wishing to combine also a gesture of solidarity, some of the products of the Beehive network that says Yes! they will be present from December 5th to December 24th in Emergency's Christmas Space in via Ginori in Florence. The producers who joined, donated their products free of charge, the purchase of which will finance Emercency's solidarity projects around the world. Furthermore, on Sunday 10 December at 15:00, the Blommig Garden Company will organize the Children's Workshop on Christmas decorations with berries, a playful way to bring the little ones closer to the natural world in a Christmas key (free workshop upon registration from the page facebook of the event itself)

It will therefore be a solidarity, good, fair and supply chain Christmas and in respect of the territory, what will be celebrated in the network of the Hives that says Yes! Fiorentini, which currently has three active distribution points (Murate and Rifredi on Wednesday from 18 to 19 and Ponte a Ema on Thursday from 18 to 19), and others soon to open in the districts of Campo di Marte and Isolotto.

How it works The Beehive says yes!

The Beehive Net That Says Yes! it is an evolution 2.0 of the old GAS, it allows in a simple and practical way to shop at km0 by buying fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheeses, flour, but also more particular gourmet products, directly from the hands of local producers and without leaving your own Neighborhood. This is the idea behind L'Alveare che dice Sì !, a project born in France in 2011 that has “infected” more than a million people throughout Europe in just a few years. Through the web platform, demand, understood as a community of consumers who gravitate to the same neighborhood, and supply, or small and medium-sized enterprises that are located within a maximum radius of 250 km from the city in question, meet. Registration is free, you scroll through the list of available products, order and pay online. One day a week you can collect the costs at the nearest delivery point. Over 50 producers are currently present in the network of the Florence Beehives: from basic categories (fruit and vegetables, meat, cheeses, pasta, oil, biscuits and preserves, bread, wine, cold cuts and fresh pasta) to particular products (natural fabrics for the home, cosmetics, products from the Island of Elba, flours of ancient and locally produced grains, baby food).

Who is the Beehive that says yes!

The Hive that says yes! Italia is a startup born in 2016 thanks to the initiative of Eugenio Sapora, an aerospace engineer and "brain on the run" who decided to return to Italy and invest in the agri-food heritage of our country. Incubated at Treatabit, the path for digital startups of the I3P Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, it is the emanation of a project that originated in France in 2011 with the name of “La ruche que dit oui”. To date there are more than 1150 beehives present beyond the Alps; over 900 beehives have already sprung up in Italy and the goal for 2018 is to reach 170 throughout the country (