RC San Casciano Chianti, a concert for kindergarten [VIDEO]

At the Niccolini Theater in San Casciano an evening dedicated to raising funds for the nursery school of San Casciano Val di Pesa


Music week at Niccolini Theater of San Cascino it has been enriched by an exceptional event, the band Oreste Carlini debuts in the small Chianti theater, in the direction Andrea Gheri.

"We wanted to present a repertoire that would accompany the listener from the nineteenth-century repertoire to the more modern one." - says the Maestro Andrea Gheri.

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During the beautiful evening the musicians performed works by Giuseppe Verdi e Gioacchino Rossini, but also more modern pieces wisely orchestrated as Italy's got Kramer, is Adios Nonino, is Liberartengo of Astor Piazzolla.

"We have a band-oriented music education school here in San Casciano" - he says Claudio Gheri, President of the Oreste Carlini Music Corps - “our association is active since 1973, the band is a solid social and cultural reality, extremely active throughout the year, both for traditional services (fashion shows and processions) and for concerts, operating mainly throughout the territory municipal. "

Important starting point of the concert is the original arrangement of the brilliant concertino piece by Raffaele Galli on the flute by the Maestro Roberto Becheri of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence.

"It is a passage by a Florentine author of 800, Raffaele Galli precisely" - tells the Maestro - "for the arrangement I tried to maintain a sound of the chamber band rather than the square one. I also believe that the solo flutist, a student of the Conservatory, performed the song very well. "

Thanks to Rotary Club San Casciano Chianti, the proceeds of the evening were donated to the Municipality of San Casciano Val di Pesa and aimed at a primary interest for the whole community.

"The concert is aimed at raising funds for finishing and completing the garden of the Nursery School of San Casciano." Sandra Ricci, president of the Rotary Club San Casciano Chianti - “I also want to sincerely thank the mayor Massimiliano Pescini and all the administration, which granted us free use of the Niccolini Theater, administration with which in recent years we have had important collaborations, allowing us to carry out many services in the area. I also thank the Claudio Gheri, a member of the club, for making the band available for free for this beautiful concert. "

"Thanks to Rotary we will be able to complete an intervention that we have done as municipal administration," - he says Chiara Molducci, councilor for culture and public education of San Casciano in Chianti - “the one with Rotary is in fact a collaboration that has continued for many years, and that has become increasingly consolidated and the synergies have been well integrated with each other. In particular in this last year we have worked in the school and social sectors. "

A club, that of San Casciano Chianti that touches all the chianti territoriality, and represents a point of reference for all those who want and want to do service.

"The motto of Rotary is to serve above all personal interests," he says Maurizio Razzi, treasurer of the Rotary Club San Casciano Chianti - "anyone can approach our institution, which is usually seen as a small club, but in reality it is a meeting point for entrepreneurs and friends who want to do something for the community in which they live."

Enjoy Chianti

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