"What was your anchor during the lockdown?". The “Stories of ÀNCORE” project by the Florentine photographer Antonio Viscido was born with this question on social networks, a professional appreciated for years especially in the entertainment and culture sectors.
The intent is to tell the post-emergency, elements and stories that have helped us to cross the hurricane and that are helping us to restart.

Within a few days, many responded from every corner of Italy. And so from the project we moved on to the journey: Antonio Viscido started shooting the boot - he will continue until autumn - to listen and photograph those who wanted to tell him his story.

The blog which documents everything has become a web case, hundreds read, comment and ask to reveal their stories, fueling the desire to tell each other.


The "backstage" of the meetings are published on the site, clues are revealed to understand the stories, the anchors, without ever explicitly explaining them.

Antonio Viscido explains: “Objects, people, places, actions, ideas, dreams… Each of us had his 'rescue anchor' during the lockdown. From here small / big stories were born that I try to tell through images. Prolonged isolation can lead to loss of balance, or fear of losing it. The anchor is a foothold to cling to ”.

"Stories of ÀNCORE" will become a traveling exhibition and a book.

Professional photographer and editorial graphic designer, Antonio Viscido was self-taught following above all his great passion for music. His reference points, from an early age, were Armando Gallo, photographer from Genesis, and Guido Harari. Then with Kevin Cummins and Anton Corbijn, the main witnesses of the English scene of the 80s, his preference for black and white began. He has collaborated for a long time with Rolling Stone Italia, now his photos are published by Classic Rock Italia. Among the many exhibitions, the neverending project "Portraits without posing", dedicated to the world of entertainment and culture, and "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" stand out, faces and figures illuminated by small light sources, such as their smartphones, computers or lighters.

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