An oil "for meditation, which is discovered as it is tasted and which tells a territory". This is how the jury made up of the professional tasters of Anapoo defined the oil produced by the Reto di Montisoni company, winner of the “Gocciola d'Oro” competition, now in its XNUMXnd edition and held exceptionally online. The ranking was unveiled last night with a video-award ceremony hosted on the Primolio Facebook page, in the presence of the mayor of Bagno a Ripoli Francesco Casini, the councilor for agriculture Francesca Cellini and Alessandro Parenti of the National Association of professional oil tasters. 'olive.

In addition to Reto di Montisoni, gold medal, among the sixteen oils participating in the competition, the podium produced by the Monna Giovannella farm, which won silver, and - with a surprise ex aequo - the oils of Il Colle and Fattoria Ramerino, which share third place with an identical score. The evaluation of the oils, as usual, was based on tasting and chemical-physical analysis in the laboratory.

“In general, the vintage for Tuscan oil - explained Parenti - was very good, in terms of quantity and quality. Ripolesi oils confirm this trend, they are characterized by being excellent oils, very bitter and spicy, with a marked tactile part. Overall, the oils presented the typical Tuscan scents, such as artichoke and almond, the ranking is very high, we decreed a third place ex aequo between two oils both good but with very different sensory characteristics ”.


"Congratulations to the winners and to all those who participated in the competition and in the online edition of PrimOlio - congratulate the mayor Casini and the councilor Cellini - They are all companies of the highest quality, which with their work are a fundamental safeguard for our economy and also for our hills, which produce oils of great excellence, genuine, good, internationally recognized. Thanks to them and to all the people who have been following the online appointments of this edition of PrimOlio in recent weeks. In the next few days we await the winners of PrimOlio for the delivery of the prize in the town hall ".

The municipal administration will donate an award plaque to the winners, and the winner will be given an artistic handicraft, a bronze olive branch, forged by the Fonderia Artù in Bagno a Ripoli.

The XXII edition of PrimOlio, this year exclusively online, will take place until December 20. On the exhibition website, the Facebook page and the Instagram profile, contributions from producers, video-recipes from restaurateurs, expert opinions and many other initiatives are hosted every day.

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