Happiness is at home in Pontassieve, after the great result of the video clip a few months ago with Jerusalema which has reached almost 20.000 views, you return to the track in Pontassieve (or rather in the water) with goliardic friends together with the dancers of the 51% Danza dance school, all in the name of Joy, enjoying the town and its beauties, even forgotten like the course of the Sieve and Arno rivers.

The catchphrase of this summer is the song by Gianni Morandi and Jovanotti that after a period of (closure) bodes well and above all smiles to see in our video many citizens of all ages from Pontassieve and beyond, dancing in the hope that we can soon return to smile and be together as in the old days.

We had fun as always A tells uslessandro Sarti creator of this umpteenth "gypsy" that makes the country at one point we closed the shooting because many wanted to be in the video but it was not possible for reasons of length of the song, but do not despair, there is no two without three, now enjoy this video, look at the beauties of Pontassieve in Allegria!