Expires 4 December the deadline by which to adhere to thepublic notice to express an expression of interest regarding the sponsorship of the shelters. The initiative is promoted by the Municipality which proposes to make the investment by sharing the expense with the private subjects to whom an advertising opportunity is offered.

"The structures of the shelters can contain spaces dedicated to messages of social communication, tourism promotion and advertising - declares the Councilor for the Environment Simona Forzoni - which guarantee visibility to the Chianti companies and businesses. One of the positive aspects is the location of the plants, located in correspondence with roads and connecting arteries where the level of transit of citizens is high ".

The objective of the junta Sottani I say replace and upgrade outdoor bus shelter systems for local public transport. About 30 are the shelters in the area that need an operation aimed at installing new plants and restoring and repairing existing ones. "We are thinking of a general revision project - the commissioner continues Forzoni - which makes it possible to improve and characterize the shelters in terms of stability, resistance and ability to last and defend themselves from atmospheric conditions ".


By sponsoring a shelter, with a commitment that can be of two types, technical or financial, the company concerned is given an effective promotional vehicle. For a period of 5 years, renewable, the eventual sponsor ensures all the available space on the structure of the shelter to increase its level of visibility in the territory. The systems can be 'intelligent', able to provide real-time information on waiting times and the position of the buses in motion, to detect the temperature and be autonomous in terms of lighting, useful comfort especially in the absence of light , by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof.

The shelters can be equipped with scrolling advertising boards, bike racks and baskets complete with ashtrays. Participation in the expression of interest is not binding, any intervention will subsequently be agreed with the municipal administration. The public notice for the acquisition of expressions of interest is available on the website of the Municipality, in the News section in evidence. For any information you can contact the City Environment Office tel. 055 8545268.