Il shepherd of flavors immediately evokes a spiritual guide who has the privilege of mastering the aroma of each individual plant. Pierre Cusseau it is. And he is a profound connoisseur of plants and their intimate aromatic secret.

"We need to know the plant to understand it" he told us during the Cookstock. We met him in Pontassieve on a sunny afternoon in September. It's impossible not to notice it: the inebriating scents of its products and the multicolored desk stand out above the others.

Two wide and sincere smiles have welcomed us among aromatic herbs, essential oils and artifacts. Pierre explains to us with a slight French inflection that he has chosen with his wife the hills south of Florence to cultivate and work his aromatic plants.


No fertilizer to ensure that the plants are best expressed, no forcing. The products of Pierre Cusseau - Shepherd of aromas they are not attributable to the organic sector, but to cultivation and processing natural. The balsamic time and the specificity of each plant are respected from sowing to harvest, which takes place completely by hand.

The strength of each plant is released in an aromatic explosion. The skilful mixtures of plants born from the experience of Pierre create condiments, blends, spicy salts and flavored sugars: new fragrances but with an ancient flavor that reflect the emotions of those who create them and fill the imagination of those who taste them.

The aromatic herbs of Pierre Cusseau are born in Tuscany and are processed here. Each jar, ampoule or perfumed pillow holds a deep knowledge of spices and their healing and organoleptic properties. Feeling and savoring its aromas brightens the senses of a sultry late summer afternoon.