A new green lung is about to be born in the heart of Bagno a Ripoli. It will rise between the town of Sorgane and the garden "Nano Campsites" ai Ponti, in an area that today is in a state of neglect and that the Municipality will soon acquire from the private sector. About 9 hectares wide, the Park will witness an impressive restoration of the existing green heritage, dozens of native tree species of great value such as elms, field maples, cypresses and oaks; to the recovery of the historical paths housed within it, and to the enhancement of the numerous springs that characterize the Sorgane hill. It will be equipped with a new wooden path of about 700 meters slightly raised that will allow it to cross with a sinuous line that will host a play area, a refreshment point and a library space complete with reading and outdoor education stations. , study in the open air.

“This area in 2011 was included in the Strategic Plan as an area suitable for hosting new homes - explains the mayor Francesco Casini -. Today that forecast is archived forever, with a total change of course and a precise political choice that favors public green spaces and sustainability, giving back to the whole community a piece of natural, beautiful and long-abandoned territory. A choice proposed and shared with the population along the way participates