The scientific association Pallium Onlus of Florence in collaboration with the cultural association "Legamidarte”And thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Florence, it has organized a program of six guided tours which will lead the participants to know and deepen the history of the most important places in the city of Florence.

The series of guided tours, born in memory of the vice president of Pallium Ilaria Taddei, are open to all and have the purpose of keeping alive the memory of a concrete and sensitive person who contributed to the growth of the association.

“It is with great joy that once again this year we announce the program of guided tours in our city” - declared the president Graziano Piccardi and the health director Valeria Cavallini - "a moment to keep alive the memory and activity of Ilaria, a great lover of art, who in recent years has carried out a very important activity for our association with great professionalism and commitment."

The cost of the visits is € 10 per person (€ 20 for the commemorative event of 11 October) and the entire amount will be donated to the home assistance activities of the association Pallium.

The Pallium Onlus scientific association Since 2001 in Florence, she has assisted at home oncological, neurological and elderly patients in non self-sufficient conditions through a specialized and free service which aims to limit access to hospitals or other hospitalization facilities. The patient is followed in any phase of the disease, from the moment of diagnosis, in agreement with the general practitioner. Pallium's welfare interventions intensified to coincide with the pandemic. This highlights, if necessary, how much the enhancement of care at home represents for the health organization itself an urgent choice.


Saturday 19 September: Walk in medieval Florence

Walk in medieval Florence among tower-houses and Dante places

Guide: Stefania Vasetti

Meeting point: Piazza Duomo at 9,30

Sunday 11 October: Day in memory of Ilaria

Guided tour of the church of Ognissanti in Florence with musical dedication by the violinist Marco Papeschi. The intervention of the president of Pallium is expected

Guides: Rita Tambone and Stefania Vasetti

Meeting point: Church of San Salvatore at 16,00 pm

Saturday 17 October: The decoration between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries at Palazzo Pitti

Guide: Clarissa Morandi

Meeting point: Piazza Pitti at 10,00 (admission to the museum € 8,5 reduced € 4,25 max group of 10 people)

Thursday 5 November: Primo Conti Museum with a visit to the park

alternatively: Walk through the streets of Florence to discover the most important and significant statuary in the city: "Why don't you talk?"

Guide: Rita Tambone

Meeting point: Via Giovanni Duprè at 10.00 (admission to the Conti museum 3 €)

Saturday 21 November: Oratorio dei Buonomini di San Martino and the frescoes of the Ghirlandaio School

Guide: Carla Milloschi

Meeting point: Piazza San Martino at 15,00 pm

Thursday 10 December: Last Supper by Andrea del Sarto

Guide: Silvia Martini

Meeting point: Via San Salvi 16 at 10,00

For information and reservations: Organizing Secretariat Telephone: 0552001292 (from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13) E-mail: Pallium Firenze