From illustration for children to sculpture, from landscape painting to comic strips. Contemporary art is contemplated in all its forms in the rich exhibition season that Palazzo Malaspina, the historic building that stands out in the medieval heart of San Donato in Poggio, has made up for the year 2020. The poster, promoted by the Municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle and curated by the Culture Office, raises the curtain on Saturday 18 January at 17 on an event of national importance that turns the spotlight on the art of Italian illustration. This is the exhibition "Heads in the air, feet on the ground", a collective that brings together over 50 of some of the most famous masterpieces signed by Arianna Papini, Fuad Aziz and Cecco Mariniello in a single exhibition. Names known in Italy and abroad for having impressed their mark on the culture of illustrated narration. The exhibition will be open until March 29.

Arianna Papini, author, artist, teacher and art therapist, has written and illustrated 150 books with which she has won many awards including the Rodari prize and the Andersen prize for best illustrator in 2018. Some of her books are published in France, Spain, Portugal, England, China and Taiwan.

Fuad Aziz, painter, sculptor and fabulist, he is the author of stories rich in delicate poetry and has created numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He deals with illustrations of children's books and is one of the founders of the Peace Library in the city of Florence.


Cecco Mariniello he has been a painter and illustrator for about 40 years. He is one of the best known Italian illustrators of children's books and has worked with all the Italian publishers who have published necklaces dedicated to children, obtaining various prizes and awards.

“On the structure of the building which has an illustrious history, such as the medieval one of San Donato in Poggio, - declares the councilor for Culture Giacomo Trentanovi - the municipal administration over the years has invested with an important recovery and restoration intervention, today we value it as a contemporary space suitable for hosting events that stand out for their high quality and cultural breadth. With an unusual artistic direction, entirely entrusted to the Municipality and in particular to the staff of the Culture Office, which selects the artists, prepares and organizes the event in toto, we have decided to enhance the exhibition programming by welcoming top figures in the panorama every year national and international artistic. What we are going to inaugurate is a season that wants to raise the bar even further, inserted in a cultural center that stands as a reference reality for the promotion and diffusion of languages ​​from contemporary art ".

"We will welcome a year of events that weaves different forms of expression, living and vital souls of a dimension in constant evolution - states the mayor David Baroncelli - starting from what in recent years has become a stylistic feature of our way of communicating art, appreciated and appreciated by thousands of visitors. The talent to narrate with the images, stories, fairy tales, stories that some of the world's best-known illustrators manage to touch the emotional strings of childhood and adolescence offer fertile ground and an instrument of educational growth. and social. Our community has responded well in terms of visits and attendance at exhibitions, has shown a particular sensitivity for this artistic genre, also thanks to the presence and active participation of schools where the artists at our request have organized workshops, meetings and seminars with students. So let's continue on the vein of the illustration with a thick event that exhibits the works Arianna Papini, Fuad Aziz and Cecco Mariniello ".

"The exhibition season brings together a dozen personal and collective exhibitions - resumes Councilor Trentanovi - in which Italian and foreign sculptors and painters will be the protagonists of interesting and unprecedented artistic paths that will have the function of accentuating the cultural tourist appeal that the palace it covers for its prestige and territorial location. A separate note I would like to dedicate to the Chianti Comics review, the flagship event that will enrich the autumn months with a collective on the most famous pens of Italian comics. The initiative follows in the wake of the great success achieved with the personal exhibition of Fabio D'Agata, author of the latest Tex tables, and offers a broader and more organic focus that tells the recent history of comics and its most loved authors in the past and in the contemporaneity ".


The planning of Palazzo Malaspina Exhibitions 2020 will host the best artistic expressions of Italian and foreign painters, sculptors and cartoonists in a dozen overall events. Specifically, from 4 April to 24 May the works of sculptors and painters will be on display in San Donato in Poggio Paolo Staccioli and Danilo Fusi; from 30 May to 19 July a privileged stage will be dedicated to the Chianti area Sergio Nardoni, painter for 40 years; English from 1st August to 6th September Joyce Brian will enrich the rooms of Palazzo Malaspina with its intense canvases and from September 12 to October 18 another Anglo-Saxon artist, Johanna Davies, will exhibit a summary of its production inspired by the theme of the horse and rider. In the autumn the art of comics will become the protagonist in the first edition of Chianti Comics, scheduled from 24 October to 29 November, with the participation of the great authors of the Bonelli house. The exhibition season ends with the sixth edition of the Cribs on display which will welcome interpretations of the Nativity theme, in an artisanal and artistic form, from December 5, 2020 to January 10, 2021.


At the center of the town of San Donato, a nucleus of great architectural value characterized by a medieval urban structure, stands Palazzo Malaspina, overlooking the main square. The late Renaissance building, the existence of which has been known since 989, the residence of the Ticci family in the medieval period and which became the seat of the Marquis Malaspina in the XNUMXth century, represents a heritage that the municipal administration has recovered and enhanced through an important restoration.

The restoration, coordinated by the architect Luigi Ulivieri, involved a total area of ​​about 500 square meters, distributed over three floors. In addition to bringing the former Palazzo Ticci back to its former glory, the overall structure was recovered in terms of safety and accessibility, as work was carried out to remove architectural barriers. The work has given the building a status appropriate to its monumental and historical-cultural value. The charm of the Palazzo's antiquity has also harmonized with modern technologies, from Wi-Fi, to home automation, from the sound system to the modern video system, which make the building particularly suitable for hosting temporary exhibitions, conferences, concerts, market exhibitions , cultural workshops, wide-ranging events to promote the area, food and wine, industrial and commercial products. In addition to representing an ideal location for the celebration of civil weddings, chosen by numerous Italian and foreign couples, Palazzo Malaspina performs an information and orientation function for visitors for the knowledge and discovery of the area.