As every year, the 26 July Florence celebrates Sant'Anna, co-patron and patron saint of the city, a traditional festival that the Rotary Club of Florence Lorenzo il Magnifico in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, has been making alive since 1997, with a historical procession that crosses the streets of the city.

This year, due to the health emergency in our country, a mass was held at the basilica of San Miniato al Monte officiated by his father Bernardo Gianni; also present with the RC Lorenzo the Magnificent RC Firenze Ovest, the RC Bisenzio Le Signe, the RC Firenze Est, and the Rotaract Firenze Bisenzio.

Many also the representatives of the Florentine institutions, among them the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Florence, Crisitna Giachi, the president of the City Council Luca Milani, the city councilor delegated to the Florentines Marco Rufilli. Together with them also the mayor of Signa Giampiero Fossi, the councilor and deputy mayor of Lastra a Signa Leonardo Cappellini.


"Among the things that Sant'Anna taught Maria there is certainly also the art of keeping silent" - says Father in his homily Bernard - "and I believe that the silence we really need today is what prepares and inspires the words necessary for a better future."

"We are happy as a municipal administration to share the celebrations for Sant'Anna with the Rotary club," he says Cristina Giachi - "It is the story that tells the origin of the Christian community, but also the recognition, in many figures, of our fellow citizens, here in San Miniato it was like being on the streets of Florence."

"We as a club have always been attentive to Florentine traditions" - he recalls Pietro Lombardi, president of the Rotary Club of Florence Lorenzo Il Magnifico - "on this special day we are united together with the other clubs in the district, united by the sense of belonging to our city and in the name of friendship and sharing."

At Holy Mass together the Banner of Florence even a small representation of extras from the Historic Florentine Parade and the director Filippo Giovannelli.