Is titled "People call me Ruggero"And is Filippo Lazzari's first album in art Ruggero, 8 unpublished tracks in the most classic pop style.

"This album is a work done in several years" - he says Ruggero - "are 8 songs that satisfy me both from the artistic point of view and from the point of view of the message, but above all they are songs connected by a common meaning. "

The previewed album in Florence contains nice and radio songs as "My fantastic day", But also ballads that can make people think"Frank"And"Always on my side"


"My side is always dedicated to me" - he says Ruggero - “I wrote it at the age of 21, without strategies or logic, just for me. Whenever singing still has a therapeutic effect. "


Ruggero 93 class passionate about music since he was a child at 19 he moved to Florence, where he perfected in piano with his teacher Walter Savelli, but it is only thanks to his older brother who casually discovers a not really contemporary myth, Claudio Baglioni.

"It was love at first sight" - he continues Ruggero - "first impressed by his very particular voice, then by the lyrics, the melodies ... in short, everything."

In the output together with the cd also the video of "I do Superman"Where three characters are busy watching the video of a new singer, a sort of matryoshka with a surprise ending.

"People call me Ruggero" | buy the cd
“People call me Ruggero” | buy the cd

"Represents 3 characters (always interpreted by me) who watch on their computers, smartphones, tablets perform on a deceitful, arrogant and nonchalant bridge." - tells Ruggero - "In the end it turns out that all this staging is none other than the work of the same Ruggero that during assembly last the construction of the video clip. There are a couple of reading plans that emerge: the chronic skepticism of people towards the novelty and the omnipresence of a single actor to underline the importance of being the directors of his life, the main theme of the piece. It is a funny and ironic video. -backstage- the most funny moments certainly when they put old make-up on me and when on the bridge we could not get around because people were always passing by scooter, by bike, on foot. "

"People call me Ruggero"Is available in streaming on the platform Spotify and on sale on the best online platforms.