There are over forty works by Luca Macchi present in the exhibition In the time of the dream, divided into two sections at the Academy of Drawing Arts in Florence, in via Ricasoli. In the main room of the exhibition space there are forty paintings executed with various techniques, while in the smaller room there are graphic works, including etchings inspired by the Book of the Apocalypse and collected in an album with the preface and a poem by his friend Mario Luzi, a critical comment by Nicola Micieli and a biblical comment by Fr. Bernardino Farnetani OFM

Artist born in San Miniato (PI) in '61, Luca Macchi graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, became a member of the Academy of Drawing Arts in Florence and of the Euteleti Academy of San Miniato and current President of the Cultural Heritage Commission of the Diocese of San Miniato. A disciple of Dilvo Lotti, in this solo show Macchi exhibits the works of the last twenty years, showing how technique, formal refinement and sensitivity can combine to compose an original and profound interpretation in which literature, myth and religious theme are indissolubly intertwined.

Thus, work after work, the pictorial and thought stages that Macchi has gone through over the years are retraced, reaching a recent evolution that the artist has described as follows: "The works of 2017 are the result of a small painting entitled The new start. The new departure for me was also writing a text called The raft of art and poetry"Where in a kind of dreamlike vision, in a dream, people are invited to build a raft, but which can also be a vessel, an ark and then invited to go up, each bringing with it the most beautiful things and memories from a point of view of sight, hearing, taste, etc., and thus starting a journey that led me to "land" in 2017 the creation of great works, anticipated by sketches and models representing the characters who, arrived in a new condition, it is as if they embody the sky, the earth and the sea ”.

Luca Macchi, In the time of dreams - The Sky - The Earth - The Sea, 2017.

The Tuscan landscape with its hills is then a Fil rouge that connects the dreamlike non-place of the San Miniato artist's work with the concrete belonging to the territory: a dreamed yet authentic landscape, where cypresses are seen "as a symbol, as a sign, as a strong presence that I have always felt as a Tuscan." , continues Macchi, "They recur very often in my work, up to the 2020 series of works to which I have given the title of Buried stars, buried stars watched over by ranks of cypresses. A reading that Cristina Acidini has given is precisely that of the union present in my work between the classicism of many archaeological treasures with the Tuscan landscape ”.

Luca Macchi, Buried Stars, 2020.

Finally Orpheus is the protagonist of many works and graphics of Macchi's work: blindfolded by a branch of leaves, he is both a poetic transfiguration of art, (as in Vision, graphite, acrylic, gold leaf on shaped panel, 2016), and a Christological metaphor.

The exhibition, curated by Nicola Micieli and inaugurated with the interventions of Professor Cristina Acidini, president of the Academy of Drawing Arts, Antonio Guicciardini Salini, president of the Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato Foundation and Andrea Granchi, president of the Painting Class of the Academy of Drawing Arts, can be visited until 29 September.