Two Florentine artisans of music called them Pizzetti and Dallapiccola they opened the concert of Oleg Caetani who returned to conduct the orchestra of the Teatro del Maggio in Florence.

"Here in Florence I made my debut with Maggio in the eighties" - says the master Oleg Caetani - "then I came back and I did Shostakovich, and every time it's like going back to the family ".

Many Florentines intervened despite the "little popular" program throughout the twentieth century and included in the integral cycle of symphonies by  Dmitrij Šostakovič.

"In Florence there is always so much curiosity "- continues the maestro -" certainly due to the tradition of the Maggio, born as a festival of modern music, has always risked and today thanks also to the new very courageous superintendent, they risk more. It's nice that Florence has responded so enthusiastically to this proposal. "


Long applauses welcome the finale of the fifteenth symphony, a triumph for all the Maggio Orchestra and for the master who remembers how the seduction of the work made him one of the number one in the world.

"The work has helped me to see the main lines, to understand that working in detail is nice but not enough. This is why I still like to alternate between symphonic and operatic repertoire. "