As in his style, Jorit began the preliminary phase of the mural by tracing a sentence across the wall, in this case notes Gramscian reflections taken from "Letters from the prison": "Even when everything is or seems lost, one must calmly get back to work, starting over from the beginning… The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old dies and the new cannot be born ”. Weather conditions permitting, the mural will be completed in 10/15 days.

A comment on the work is a sentence taken from one of the letters that Antonio Gramsci wrote from prison to his brother Carlo in 1927. A useful reflection in times when the whole country finds itself fearfully scrutinizing the future and which reminds us of "pessimism of intelligence, optimism of the will ”, which was the motto applied by Gramsci throughout his life.

Getting back to work, a commitment that the association Theater Puccini wanted to remember right from the title given to the entire project, I hate the indifferent, taken from a paper by Gramsci which appeared for the first time in 1917 in the magazine La Città Futura. And the words with which in that article Gramsci lashes out against apathy and disengagement “I hate the indifferent. I believe life should mean to be partisan. Those who truly live cannot fail to be citizens and partisans ”will be well present in the construction site set up for the construction of the work. Because today more than ever it is essential not to be indifferent!


The reflections developed by Gramsci during his imprisonment, collected in the "Prison notebooks”Over the years have inspired liberation parties and movements from all over the world in the search for progress paths for the popular classes less dependent on Soviet communist dogmatism. Among these also the Italian Communist Party, of which Gramsci was one of the founders, in January 1921, and which also in the name of Gramsci characterized the defined period of "Eurocommunism" which preceded the definitive dissolution of the party by a few years. The 1921th anniversary of Antonio Gramsci's birth will also occur in 130.

Jorit, who focuses his art on the realistic depiction of the human face and has been confronted several times with large portraits of characters who have left a mark in history, will create the portrait of Gramsci on the external wall of the condominium located in via Canova at number 25/22 . The surface of the wall is 213 square meters.

With this intervention continues the commitment of the Municipality of Florence and Casa spa to put some of the walls of its buildings at the disposal of artists so that they can transform parts of the city into an open-air museum of contemporary art.

“This project was born while the Mandela mural was being created - he explains Luca Talluri, president of Casa Spa. - We decided to portray Antonio Gramsci, because he was a man who through his thought, his life and his example represented a point of reference against oppression and injustice, always being on the side of weaker. Here then, in a time like the present one, in which we need figures capable of guiding us, this mural represents a symbol of light, especially on a public housing building, inserted within a deeply popular neighborhood ".

“Right now - underlines the councilor for youth policies Cosimo Guccione - it is even more important to enhance and regenerate the living spaces of Florence, where citizens are called to stay to face the pandemic. And with this artistic initiative, therefore, we want to make the presence of institutions, city cultural realities and artists of international fame all united in transmitting Gramsci's message against indifference and for a supportive, participatory community, sensitive to the discomfort that we are all experiencing. ".

"Bringing art out of museums, bringing it among the people to share important messages like this against indifference with as many people as possible - said the councilor of the House Benedetta Albanian - We continue with the winning combination of popular street-art housing and thanks to the murals we bring entire neighborhoods closer to art, enriching them and transforming them as a whole into real outdoor works of art ".

He says Mirko Asleep, president of District 4 of the Municipality of Florence: "We are happy to host in our territory the work of an exceptional artist who represents one of the most important intellectuals in the history of twentieth century political thought, a classic that as such is still very current . A message of beauty and culture that we need, in this moment perhaps more than ever ".

states Cristina Noferi, president of the cultural association Teatro Puccini: “Even if Antonio Gramsci is remembered as the founder of the Italian Communist Party, he remains one of the few historical Italian intellectuals studied all over the world for his philosophical thought of politics. We want to remember him as a political philosopher, historian, intellectual, journalist of humble origins who left Sardinia by winning a scholarship to get to Turin where he graduated and began his life as a journalist. I want to recall one of his thoughts that struck me a lot in which he claimed that every human being was an intellectual, but there were those who did it for a living. Exiled, arrested, ill in health, he spent his entire life searching for the truth and the Puccini theater I represent is proud to be part of the project I hate the indifferent ”.

The initiative is promoted by the cultural association Teatro Puccini, in collaboration with the Department of Sport, youth policies, city of the night, third sector, immigration, fight against loneliness of the Municipality of Florence, District 4 of the Municipality of Florence and Casa spa. Official suppliers are Ariete srl, CBF Impianti, Dante Maggesi srl, Euro Impianti, Fiorentina Costruzioni srl, Kelm Costruzioni, Minuto Gioacchino srl, Nuova Ergo Impianti. Thanks to Betti Rent and CAF scrl for their support.