White smoke from the Services Conference for the construction of the new Sports center of ACF Fiorentina a Bagno a Ripoli. The last session of the Services Conference ended positively, attended by representatives of the Municipality, the Region of Tuscany, the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, and the Metropolitan City of Florence. Also present were the representatives and designers of the purple company. All the entities have expressed a favorable opinion on the project, making the birth of the "Purple House" in the Ripola area closer.
“I am very satisfied - declares the mayor Francesco Casini - and I want to thank all the bodies in charge that in recent months have worked hard to achieve this result, a truly extraordinary job has been done. The project that arose from the technical table, from the designers and from the will of the president Rocco Commisso to create a training center of the highest level both from a technical-sporting point of view and that of sustainability, with attention to the landscape integration fully shared by the administration, necessary for a prestigious area like Bagno a Ripoli, is truly of the highest quality.
It will be an added value for our municipality, for Florence and for the entire metropolitan area. Now we are moving forward towards the final approval of the necessary urban variation. In the next few days the president of the municipal council of Bagno a Ripoli, Francesco Conti, after consulting the group leaders, will convene the next council meeting scheduled for mid-October which will close the whole process ".
Cover photo taken from page Fb of ACF Fiorentina.