Due to the emergency health situation and the current regulatory restrictions on frontal courses, AitArt replaced the sixth edition of the course, which was supposed to take place in May 2020 in the Rome office, with one online version which will see the involvement of experts and professionals of the sector, many of whom are already teachers of the last edition of the course, which took place in Milan last October, with a large participation of students.

The artist archive has acquired significant relevance in the world and in the art market today both for the growing complexity of the management of artists' legacies and for the recognition of the institution's authoritative role in the certification of their production.

What are the criteria for organizing the logical, legal and functional structure of the archive? How to prepare the certificate of authenticity model? What rights does the artist have and which assignees? What are the contract models for loaning the works? What are the insurance precautions for archives, experts and works?


The artist archive carries out a cultural and economic function, above all in relation to the safeguarding of the identity and certification of the authenticity of the works, a subject of even greater importance today in consideration of the new languages ​​of the contemporary, for which documentation of the artist's intention and its preservation is essential.

Many existing Archives were formed over time with the experience, the will and the awareness of the importance of keeping the figure of the artist alive to pass it on, but they still exist numerous documentary heritages to be enhanced and contemporary productions that need to institutionalize a memory to resist time.

Many and various basic skills are required for the organization and management of these institutions: archival, historical, artistic, but also legal for effective protection of author's rights, the circulation of the work also as a cultural asset, for a correct due diligence and certification of production authenticity.

This has made clear the usefulness of creating and promoting the formation of a figure with specific professional skills: the Curator of the Artist Archive. For this AitArt It offers a interdisciplinary study program of humanistic / historical, legal, technical and information technology subjects and subjects.

You can register for the Course for Curator of Artist Archives by 6 July 2020, by accessing the site and filling in the form provided.