It reaches the important milestone of the fifth edition Notes to the Museum, the concert series created byWork of Santa Maria del Fiore with the artistic direction of Francesco Ermini Polacci, and that takes place in the spectacular Sala del Paradiso of the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. And it is to celebrate the occasion that the 2019-20 edition (6 concerts, 31 Ottobre - 20 Marzo) is particularly dynamic and varied in its proposals, without renouncing to that high quality of the performers that distinguish the show from the beginning : «The new poster was in fact designed by exploring the most different genres, repertoires and instrumental combinations, and focusing on the particularity of programs designed in collaboration with the musicians, thus reinforcing the formula that makes the show unique in its kind and in the Italian panorama, "he says Francesco Ermini Polacci.

"With Notes at the Museum, the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore, in pursuit of its institutional goals, carries out a significant activity of promotion and cultural development", he says. Luca Bagnoli, president of the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore, adding that "in recent years the show has now become an indispensable and ambitious event for music lovers, attracted by the artistic level of the performers and intrigued by the originality of the specially designed programs". The variety of unusual programs and the quality of the performers are combined with the beauty and artistic value of the concert venue, the Sala del Paradiso with the reconstruction of the facade of the Duomo of Florence and the three doors of the Baptistery: each concert thus becomes even a moment of dialogue between works of art and music, in the name of beauty. An added value to those principles of cultural enhancement and promotion that have always guided the activities of the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore.

The concerts (21.00 hours) are ad free admission but with reservation required (subject to availability of seats), and it is possible to book in two ways: going in person to the gatehouse of the ancient rectory of San Giovanni (Piazza San Giovanni 7) or by filling out the special form at the link, in both cases starting from the Thursday of the week preceding the date of the concert (9.00 hours - 12.00).


Notes at the Museum opens Thursday October 31, with an all-round portrait of George Gershwin, a very famous author but basically not very popular in concert halls. Gershwin was one of the first musicians to combine classical and jazz, creating a very happy mix with which he laid the foundations for the genres of crossover and contamination that are particularly widespread today.

The program pays tribute to that courageous and prophetic vision "Play Gershwin”Presented by three exceptional musicians and particularly akin to that world, i fratelli Pieranunzi, Enrico (piano) and Gabriele (violin), e Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet), who gathered in trio in 2013 to share in the spirit of an ensemble the classic taste and jazz sensibility of each of them. In various instrumental combinations, they trace the artistic path of Gershwin through his most famous masterpieces, presenting them in effective transcriptions and in pleasant elaborations made by Enrico Pieranunzi.

"Gershwin's music," he says Pieranunzi, "Has the characteristic of keeping intact its overwhelming vitality and its powerful, unmistakable identity even when the workforce in use is completely different from the original ones". In addition to famous pages, such as An American in Paris, Rhapsody in Blue and moments from the opera Porgy and Bess (in the transcription by the legendary violinist Jasha Heifetz), the program also includes Variations on a Theme by Gershwin: a song that Enrico Pieranunzi has composed on a theme that Gershwin noted on a piece of paper, which later emerged as a surprise in a trunk of manuscripts found by Ira, the brother of the American musician.

With the concert on Thursday 28 November, Notes to the Museum gives space to the most promising levers of tomorrow's interpretation, hosting for the first time two young Italian string quartets, the Indigo Quartet and Echos Quartet. They have been expressly reunited to run together a program that includes two jewels of rare execution, even in their combination: the Mendelssohn Octet, all covered by the vital elegance of its sixteen-year-old author, and Bruch's Octet, which the composer wrote a few months before his death, in 1920, he remained in oblivion for almost eighty years. The Indigo Quartet was born at the Music School of Fiesole in the 2007, and received the special prize "Jeunesses Musicales" as part of the renowned Premio Paolo Borciani. He has collaborated with internationally renowned musicians, such as the pianist Bruno Canino, the mandolinist Avi Avital, the cellist Valentin Erben, founder of the legendary Quartetto Alban Berg. The Echos Quartet was born at the Verdi Conservatory in Turin in the 2013, perfected with the Cremona Quartet at the Walter Stauffer Academy, and in the 2016 won the Abbiati Prize "Piero Farulli", a prestigious prize of Italian music critics. Selected as an ensemble of the European Chamber Music Academy, he has already played for important concert seasons, such as the Unione Musicale di Torino and the Società del Quartetto di Milano. The concert is realized thanks to the important collaboration with Le Dimore del Quartetto, an organization that supports young string quartets in the start of a career and enhances the heritage of historic homes, through a network created with the participation of Dimore Storiche Italiane, Fondo Ambiente Italian and European Historic Houses. The "European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2019", the most prestigious European award in the field of heritage conservation and promotion, was recently awarded to the Le Dimore del Quartetto association.

Thursday 12 December, Notes to the Museum celebrates in music the Christmas, and does so with a rich florilegio of famous but also rare instrumental pages of the Italian Baroque era, directly inspired by the most awaited festival of the year. From Corelli, with the well-known Concerto "Made for Christmas Eve", a Manfredini, from Scarlatti a Torelli e Vivaldi, the program was specially designed to evoke suggestive Christmas atmosphere of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. To revive them, with the sounds of period instruments and philological style, is the Italian group Concert de' Knights, with Federico William main violin, and under the baton of its founder Marcello By Lisa. A formation that has gained its international notoriety thanks to the rediscovery of unpublished eighteenth-century Italian scores, also documented by an articulated and award-winning recording activity, and collaborations with notable singers such as Daniela Barcellona, ​​Vivica Genaux, Ann Hallenberg, Andreas Scholl.

The combination of two violins, but the appointment on Thursday, is a very unusual musical combination in the history of music 16 January will give the opportunity to discover it in all its charm, through a panorama that from the eighteenth century reaches our days, revealing continuous, intriguing sound suggestions. A real duet trip, with tracks by Vivaldi (among the first to experiment with the combination of the two violins) e Haydn, of Telemann e Leclair, of Bartók, Berio (the well-known Duets-portraits of performers and composers) and Sollima: they are the stages of a very particular itinerary in which two first-rate violinists lead us as Chiara Zanisi e Stephen Barneschi, who dedicated a lucky CD to this unusual repertoire on the tracks of which their debut program for Notes at the Museum was built. Just for their two violins the versatile cellist-composer Giovanni Sollima wrote in the 2017 Suite Case, a 'suitcase' full of musical findings to accompany this journey, and some of these duets will also mark the evening.

Three centuries of solo guitar music are revived in the appointment on Thursday 20 February, in the varied solo recital of Eugenio of Chiara, renowned protagonist of an intense concert activity throughout the world and dedicator of several contemporary pages. Between originals and transcriptions of famous guitarists (such as Andrés Segovia, Francisco Tárrega), the virtuosic program touches the main names in guitar literature, such as Paganini e Tárrega, following in parallel also an itinerary marked by the theme of the journey, referring to authors who have treated it in their own music, such as Schubert (in his cycle of Lieder Journey of winter) or that, for the most different reasons, they lived it in first person, as Mozart, who traveled around Europe in search of the claim, and like the exiled Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Of the latter, an author on whom the program of Notes to the Museum has focused several times, will be presented the acrobatic Capriccio Diabolico, a piece with pyrotechnic effects and a fearsome test for every virtuous self-respecting.

It is one of the most loved and acclaimed voices, internationally renowned soprano on the most important stages, from the Scala to the Metropolitan, and among the undisputed queens of Belcanto today: Jessica Pratt is the protagonist of the final concert at Note al Museo, Friday 20 March. Long-awaited, it presents exclusively for the show, and with the authoritative accompaniment on the piano of Gianni Fabbrini, a refined and captivating program focused on the Italian virtuosity of the nineteenth century. Arias of chamber talent and works, by Donizetti, Bellini (the air of Juliet by I Capuleti and Montecchi, the ending of the Sonnambula), but also very pleasant short pages that have also become the warhorses of the most celebrated singers of all times, such as the sparkling waltz sung The Kiss by Luigi Arditi and the poignant Villanelle by Eva Dell'Acqua: a florilege of pure singing virtuosity to recompose, even through some precious rarities and piano pieces only by the same Rossini and Donizetti , an emblematic panorama of a fundamental moment of female opera vocality.


Thursday 31 October 2019, 21.00 hours
"Play Gershwin": from An American in Paris to Rhapsody in Blue
with the clarinet of Gabriele Mirabassi, the piano and the violin of the Pieranunzi brothers

Thursday 28 November 2019, 21.00 hours
Mendelssohn and Bruch octets with the Indigo and Echos Quartets

Thursday 12 December 2019, 21.00 hours
Baroque Christmas with the Concert of the Knights and Marcello Di Lisa

Thursday 16 January 2020, 21.00 hours
From Vivaldi to Sollima, a duet journey with the violins by Chiara Zanisi and Stefano Barneschi

Thursday 20 February 2020, 21.00 hours
Three centuries of music in six strings with Eugenio Della Chiara's guitar

Friday 20 March 2020, 21.00 hours
Arias of skill and Belcanto with Jessica Pratt and Gianni Fabbrini

Free admission with compulsory reservation (subject to availability of seats) starting from the Thursday of the week before the concert (9.00 - 12.00):
- concierge of the Art and Culture Center (piazza S. Giovanni 7)
- online on the website

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