A multitude of masks, a choir created by the artist's mind Yuval Avital and made by the hands of 24 Tuscan artisans. As in the Renaissance, the workshops again at the service of the maieutic artist.

This is the new and unpublished artistic project signed by the international composer Yuval Avital, who, fresh from his participation in the Dresden Biennale, has created for the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, in collaboration with Artex and the OMA Association - Observatory of Art Professions, on show from the next 3 October. A temporary community of icono-sonorous faces in which ancient and contemporary coincide, forming a sound box to amplify the ancestral voices and make them more audible to humanity.

Inside the only museum of contemporary art in Florence, Yuval Avital drawing on the sacred texts of the Bible elaborates in a new key i Nephilim, hybrid beings, heroic and alienating, born from the cross between the "sons of God" and the daughters of Adam. These are works made up of "faces" with human features but defined in very few strokes and made with materials that draw from the repertoire of the most traditional craftsmanship of the area: ceramic, iron, bronze, feathers, leather, fabrics, wood, whose mouths they emit an archaic sound that recalls a mantric song.

The heart of Avital's artistic project is the close connection between its activity and the territory. The sound sculptures in fact, halfway between the material and musical element, they are under construction by extraordinary 24 Tuscan artisans with whom Avital is in constant dialogue for their design and implementation. Each mask was conceived by the artist starting from 12 archetype masks belonging to his imaginary. Later, after several meetings with each craftsman, knowing in detail the processing techniques, their materials and their stories, he characterized each of them with traits typical of the craftsman that he will make them. Not only the masks, but also sounds: their choir is in fact the reworking of the voice of the same artisans, also a multitude and chorus of doing, realized and elaborated through the use of refined technologies.

In detail, each structure is composed of a mask supported by a metal base, designed to be an elementary and almost tribal form, within which a refined and innovative acoustic device is placed, from which sounds are emitted, a search that artist has strongly wanted to undertake involving the Tuscan and Florentine territory and its citizens, bringing them into the museum.

The installations will be articulated in the space thus creating a chorus of voices and sounds, recalling the heavenly choirs and entering a dimension of secular rituality. The effect will be intentionally alienating: the combination of dream masks and studio-sounding envelop the viewer in a disturbing "show" in which the initial wonder leaves the place gradually to a more intimate dimension.

BIOGRAPHY Born in Jerusalem in 1977 and resident in Milan, Yuval Avital he is a multimedia artist, composer, and guitarist. He is known for his sound and visual installations, collective performances that involve sound masses in the creation of contemporary rituals, iconic-sound works, complex multimedia paintings and for the development of technological projects realized also with the contribution of artificial intelligence in public spaces, industrial archeology sites, theaters and museums, challenging the traditional categories that separate the arts.