This time the words were followed by the facts, the exhibition opened to the public 'In the name of Napoleon'at the Pinacoteca Foresiana in Portoferraio which took the opportunity to redo the look after a long closure.

This is the first exhibition to be inaugurated as part of the Uffizi diffusi project and until 10 October is making available six works - busts, paintings and objects of applied art - part of the permanent collection on display at the Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti celebrating Bonaparte at the peak of its splendor.

Giuseppe Bezzuoli | Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte with her daughter Elisa Napoleona

And, with a view to do ut des, an 'Elban' opera will also go to the continent. This is the Penitent Magdalene by Bezzuoli part of the permanent collection of the Pinacoteca Foresiana, which will be transferred to the Uffizi in Florence as part of an important monographic Giuseppe Bezzuoli.

Jean Georget | Napoleon I

The choice of the Pinacoteca is not a coincidence, the small but rich container located inside the former De Laugier barracks, formerly an ancient Renaissance convent wanted by Cosimo I dei Medici and seat of the Knights of Santo Stefano, welcomes the donation of Mario Foresi. The meticulous collector friend of Telemaco Signorini, belongs to an illustrious family that boasts strong ties with both Napoleon and Florence.

A 'Napoleonic grandfather', Vincenzo, farmer and shipowner who spoke to Bonaparte and favored his escape with his ships. An uncle, Alessandro, Bezzuoli's doctor and friend and co-founder of the Bargello when he was still private, a father, Raffaello, feared and ruthless pen and founder of the satirical monthly Piovano Arlotto.

Pietro Senno | the battle of Waterloo

The director of the Uffizi Eike Schmidt and the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, welcomed with great satisfaction by the mayor of Portoferraio Angelo Zini in the presence also of the coordinator of the Associated Management Niccolò Censi, the assessor Nadia Mazzei and the councilor Marco Landi promoter of the initiative.

The exhibition is symbolically introduced by three busts of Napoleon and his family taken from the official models of the French sculptor François-Joseph Bosio. These are copies produced in large numbers to satisfy the request of the Napoleonic court and financed by the Elysian bank which takes its name from Napoleon's sister Elisa Baciocchi.

Marble busts of Napoleon, Maria Luisa of Habsburg (second wife) and Girolamo Bonaparte (brother)

The portrait of Luigi Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon. It is the masterpiece of Jean Baptiste Wicar.  The refined series of royal portraits continues with that of Napoleon I, painted on porcelain by the Manufacture of Sèvres in 1810 by the decorator Jean Georget, a student of Jacques-Louis David, with the virtuoso technique of an illuminator. The work is exhibited at the Porcelain Museum of Palazzo Pitti.

The slab, of considerable size, depicts the emperor dressed in the sumptuous coronation robe, according to the official iconography of the famous painting by François Gerard, replicated on canvas also by Carlo Morelli, in the large painting from the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Portoferraio.

Giuseppe Bezzuoli | Penitent Magdalene

Not missing Elisa Baciocchi, Bonaparte's younger sister, beautifully portrayed in 1814 by Giuseppe Bezzuoli, together with his daughter Elisa Napoleona, against the backdrop of a twilight Florence, almost an omen of the imminent end of his brief rule in Tuscany.

Exhibition 'In the name of Napoleon'Pinacoteca Foresiana, Centro Culturale De Laugier, until next October 10 can also be visited through a guided tour organized by Another Elba Tour: