The Divine Comedy told with the faces of the inhabitants of Pontassieve but not only, In the middle of the way… is the new book by Alessandro Sarti, Chairman of the Historical parade of the town south of Florence, which has collected in 140 pages a beautiful collection of photos combined with the most famous Dante's triplets.

“It is a book that was created to pay homage to Dante in the 700 years since his death. And we wanted to do it through the simplest image, the photographic one. " - tells Sarti - “The Historical Court of Pontassieve, which is an identity among the many parades in Tuscany, wanted to tell this story. It is an original way, because the protagonists are the citizens of Pontassieve, the beautiful faces, the particular characters. But many personalities from the world of sport, culture and Tuscan institutions also joined. We did it by posing them, through some triplets, which are reported in the book. It is a living table, that is, the illustration of this book is made by people. It is an original volume that, for example, sees the story of Charon's boat through our renaioli, led by Marco Castaldi of their association ".

The book is enhanced by the presentation of the historian Luciano Artusi: “Alessandro is a mine and I immediately accepted his invitation. The idea is truly brilliant, Dante in the Divine Comedy he speaks with the souls, with the dead, and he puts them in flesh and blood and shows them. So it is no longer an imagination, but it shows us these events which are mentioned in the Divine Comedy. I am happy to have participated in the presentation and then in the book interpreting Pope Celestine V, even if I ended up among the sloth ".

The photographic book was presented during an event organized by Rotary Club Florence Lorenzo the Magnificent at Villa Viviani in Florence, the proceeds from the sales of the work will be donated to the project that finances the Pontassieve food bank. The volume is made by the historical parade of Pontassieve, edited by Alessandro Sarti and Marisa Boschi, with 67 author photos by Palmiro Stanzucci, published by 'La Scriveria' of Serena Pinzani.