ArtAway is born, a web platform that allows users to get to know the artistic beauties of our country and the history of art in a new and engaging way, offering visitors the opportunity to talk live with the best tourist guides and the most expert cultural mediators .

From an idea by Paolo Gabriele Falcone and Laura Lamonea as a reaction to a moment of great difficulty to support the Italian culture and art world, the project was carried out during the quarantine by the team of Video Sound Art, production center and contemporary art festival. Now in its tenth edition, VSA, making use of the many years of experience of Paolo Gabriele Falcone, product manager in Silicon Valley, contributes to the creation of a new way of discovering art.

From the visit of Verona, to the discovery of the subways of Naples, from the great masterpieces of Renaissance art to contemporary works, from the Uffizi museum to the Iannaccone collection; the proposed visits are varied and divided into levels of depth in order to present visitors with a curated proposal.

All this using a method that is not only virtual, but live: through mediation and exchange between people, because the human relationship will always be the engine of curiosity, tolerance and knowledge, something that should never be renounced.

The project is aimed at those who are unable to physically move and do not want to give up knowing cities and works of art, but also to those who are planning a trip and want to get a more complete idea of ​​the places to visit.

In addition, art enthusiasts and students can use ArtAway as an in-depth tool, to visit museums or explore artistic currents, accompanied by experts with whom they can interact live.
From the web platform, the visitor can select the tour that interests him most and book himself at the available times. Subsequently you will receive instructions to access the video conference through a simple link. Once the experience is over, the visitor can freely donate a contribution to support the guides and the project. In this difficult period for all, ArtAway wants to guarantee guides an economic compensation that is suitable for their academic and professional preparation.

The guides and cultural mediators have been chosen through a careful selection process to offer the visitor an engaging and level experience. The requirements are related to academic training - specialist degree in History of Art and any Masters or Doctorates in the subject - and to the experience of cultural mediation in the education departments of the main museums and cultural institutions.
With this academic preparation and consolidated cultural mediation skills, the guides will share their specific knowledge in the artistic field and, at the same time, will enrich the user experience with opinions and reflections aimed at collective discussion.


The proposal of experiences is diversified and continuously expanding. For each destination there will be tours aimed at getting to know the city and its main monuments and more specific ones that offer an in-depth study of a museum or an artist in particular related to that city. To complete the proposal, cross-sectional visits are also dedicated to great artists who will visit several places.