Despite the difficulties of this period, Crumb Gallery, Florentine art gallery (Via San Gallo, 191 red), wanted to inaugurate its exhibition program, as always dedicated to women, with the beautiful exhibition Mutations, of Lucia Damerino.

Mutations is a photographic work, born during the months of lockdown, which reflects on memory, on individual and family history, on memories, sometimes even painful, on the catharsis that occurs here through the purifying action of water.

Inside large glass cases, built by Damerino herself, filled with water, float dresses, her sister's wedding dresses, the clothes of her uncles, her father, shreds of a private narrative but at the same time part of a story universal. Satin, lace, silks, crepe de chine, chiffon, organza taffeta, draperies that run the risk of being forgotten but that acquire, through the fluid movement of water and its transparency, a new life, full of suggestions that artist immortalizes in his shots.


The garments are silent figures, suspended in time, which rediscover color, which move, alone or in pairs, in an absolutely independent way from the bodies that have inhabited them, almost as if it were a dance. They are messages in a bottle, floating poems, abandoned memories.

“To let yourself go in this element is really to abandon yourself,” he explains Lucia Damerino in the text in the catalog edited by Rory Capelli, “it is the symbolic death of something that has already disappeared, only to be reborn: because the clothes in the water seem to have a life of their own, they develop a space and a time that delimiting purifies. These dresses are empty shells floating in the sea of ​​possibilities ”.

Lucia Damerino, 54, designer, lives and works between Florence and Milan. His artistic research path has its roots in time, remaining for a long time within strictly private confines, up to today's debut, thanks to Crumb Gallery. Professionally engaged in design and styling, Damerino borrows from this world photography and the use of objects, which are now transformed into significant matter, the expression of an inner world. Life experiences, childhood memories and loved ones, emerge, change and live again.

Crumb Gallery was founded in 2019 by Rory Cappelli, Lea Codognato, Adriana Luperto and Emanuela Mollica. Crumb Gallery #womeninart was born as an exclusive space for female artists. It promotes, disseminates, supports and exhibits paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and performances by artists. The galleries that exhibit only women, in the world, can be counted on the fingers of one hand and Crumb Gallery #womeninart wants to make its small contribution to reduce the gap between men and women in the world of contemporary art.

Mutations it will be open until February 28, 2021, in compliance with the health rules and regulations in force.

To visit the exhibition, it is recommended to book at 347 3681894.
Via San Gallo, 191 red | 50129 Florence _